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The Dating Game...THE Point

Again, you just *have* to visit Generation Cedar and read everything on this.

Here is THE point of the conversation about kissing and dating.

I don't need to say a thing. It's ALL clear and right there in great print.

Wait -- I do have something to say: AMEN!!!

I sparked this dating discussion with thoughts about waiting until marriage to kiss; the heart of the matter, though, has little to do with kissing, but rather taking a whole new look at the error of the cultural dating system, why it's flawed and understanding the alternative.

Several commenters already hit on this important point–THE point of the discussion:

Dating doesn't even have a place among people who aren't ready for marriage.

I know, bizarre statement in our culture.
"Dating" (a relatively new term in  America) was originally a way two people got to know each other in the context of families to see if there was potential for marriage. Parents observed the potential spouse, stopped some before they ever approached, and  helped guide  their children through the hazards/benefits they saw in the potential partner.

The actual idea of recreational dating–dating at 14, 15, 16 years of age "just because"–as a mere hobby–is absurd if anyone will take the time to think it through.

Often I get the response, "Right…and I'm so sure you can convince your children of that." Or, "if you *make* your kids do that they will rebel".

Another grave misunderstanding about the whole thing.

When children are raised with the idea that recreational dating is, well, dumb and worse–harmful, it's not a forced idea; they embrace it for themselves, much like any other idea you are diligent to teach your children.

We aren't talking about "arranged marriage" either.  We're talking about parents being involved in one of the most important decisions in the life of their children, just like they've been involved (hopefully) in the other ones.  It would seem only logical, and yet we've been convinced it's "meddling" (???)

And, although we want a  "how-to-manual" for the alternative, I don't think it's a formula…I think it's a principle, that will look different in possibly every situation. And that principle basically says you spend your youth developing your skills, your character, your interests and gifts–preparing for what the Lord has for you as an adult. 

You do NOT spend it in intimate relationships with people who will one day be complete strangers to you.  That in no way prepares a person for marriage, and as we've discussed, can actually bring detriment.

When a young person is of the age he or she is considering marriage, prayerful consideration is the first important step.  Trusting that God will honor those who seek Him for a marital partner is key. Then as families come into your family's life, people get to know each other–in a real way, not just in a "dating facade".  As interests are expressed, the parents and son or daughter can have objective discussions about compatibility and potential problems, without a blind, emotional screen.

I plead with Christian parents to really think about this thing.  Who should be dictating the method by which we escort our children into the most important institution on earth?

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