Thursday, May 21, 2009

Is my blog real enough?

There is an excellent post about how we 'appear' in blogging over at Keeper of The Home. It's posted today, called How Do I Do it All. Very good reading.

When folks visit here -- or anyone's blog -- they only see a snippet of what we are, how we do things, who we'd like to be. That can be misleading in many ways.

A couple years back, I was blogging elsewhere and was stumbled upon by a troll. We had quite the game of cat and mouse going. LOL...well, that isn't totally how it went. Remember the Tom & Jerry cartoons? That's a bit more realistic to how our game played out. About the only thing anyone saw from the purely childish banter and arguing was that there are layers to everyone. I try to keep my layers real, but I'm sure I've given folks a misleading view as well.

There are some bloggers who seem to do it all, have everything organized well, make the best use of their days and abilities, etc.

That's not me. Boy, that is definitely not me.

My SIL said something the other day about how much I know how to do and all I get done. She thought, from her perspective, that I was a sort of marvel of modern womanhood here on the homestead. I know how to bake and cook from scratch, I garden and can up the harvest, I sew our clothing, I homeschool "all these children" and so forth.

Well, I'd like to agree with her...I mean, in a way, she's right. I do do all those things. But in 'my circles' of reading and chatting, I'm just a babe on the path. I don't fit in well much of anywhere. I certainly don't fit well with the 'real' homesteaders and preppers I visit -- they are MILES ahead of me in knowledge and daily doings.
I don't fit in with the Plain christians I visit because we are still on the other side of the fence with living Plain here. Yet I don't fit with the rest of the world either, because to them I am far too Plain.

You could get rather discouraged following blogs and thinking about how good they look and how together they are. If you could look behind-the-scenes the view might be totally different than what you think. No one can live on a pedastal all the time.

I homeschool 6 children, while 2 wait in the wings for real school work. That could sound pretty misleading. What it doesn't show you is I spent many years being a curriculum-junkie, changing texts and looking for that next best thing and I just plain messed up my olders with the confusion. Sure, there are no deadlines in homeschooling and you can pace school how best it works, but you have to have some sort of visionary end in mind. Right now, I have an older who is way ahead in some areas and dreadfully behind herself in others.

I garden and try to keep our pantry stocked with what we produce ourselves by canning, freezing and drying. What you don't always see is I spend about $200 a month on junk we don't need to have -- I love nachos! I love sweet tea! I would rather drink a glass of Dr Pepper filled with ice than water anyday. I grab a chicken sandwich and a really big Dr Pepper from Sonic everytime I'm in town. Or a Chili Cheese Wrap. It's not that that's a bad thing, but let me tell you (or really I should let Dewey tell you!) It's those little things that add up the quickest.
You also don't see the many jars that didn't seal in the pantry, the several pounds of sausage I *still* haven't gotten canned -- since Thanksgiving!

Yes, I sew our clothes. Just about everything we need short of socks and shoes. All I can say is yes, I have the ability to sew. Yes, we have 4 good sewing machines and my treadle machine here. Yes, I have at least 200 yards or better of material in store here, cottons, cords and various denims. I have all the patterns we will ever need for our clothing.
What you might not see is that I barely get time to sew. That I've paid a dear friend to do the boys' pants for me when the only thing preventing my doing them was sheer laziness. My aprons are so worn I keep more clean without one than with! We are just this side of naked, really.
I go in spurts with sewing (and with a great many things, truth be told) where it's literally ALL we do for a couple of days, then I lose my motivation and just stop -- most usually mid-stream, leaving things in waiting.

There isn't much about me that isn't run of the mill everyday ordinary is all I'm saying. I'm long-winded at saying little to nothing more often than not. The only secret to share that I know of is if you want to know how to do something, read all about it, visit folks who do it and learn what you can...but if you never put that knowledge to practice you haven't done anything.

Don't waste the days checking out the green grass on the otherside of someones fence while allowing weeds to take over your side. They have plenty of weeds themselves, maybe just in other areas you don't see as readily.

No one is perfect at living day to day, and trust me, you can get very depressed blog-hopping and seeing what you think is a got-it-all-together blogger.
Use what information you find that's real, take it with you and get back to your own home to start implementing it. The Bible says you have not because you ask not...practical daily wisdom says you have not because you DO not. All the information in the world is only as useful as your putting into action!
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Morgan said...

I really needed to hear that today - thanks! I do spend more time reading about doing things sometimes than I actually spend doing them!


My Own Terms said...

Thanks for the great reminder! I learned long ago to USE what I can, and dispose of or ignore the rest.

Violin Mom said...

I really appreciated this post today. Sometimes I can waste so much time reading about what other folks do, and thinking about what I ought to do rather than just doing whatever I can do each day. This post was very helpful to me.

Anonymous said...

Deanna, I appreciate your honesty! And for keeping life real! All of our journeys are at different levels of process. And God knows that we all need work in lots of area's of our lives. I have not as yet started homesteading but will be soon enough and I am learning so much from others who are doing it. But I will say until like you said implement it, they are just thoughts in my head, which Lord willing I will put into practice! Just keep moving forward, many prayers at a time!
Blessings Debylin

Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

Wonderful post (as usual)

I will say that I think your blog is very honest, you seem very "real" to me....I hope I am making sense.

Blessedmom said...

Thank you for this sharing Deanna! I struggle with this daily. I see so much wonderful information online, I study it, I research it, and then I do nothing with it, so all time spent reading is wasted. It's time to put into practice more instead of just spending time wishing I could be more like so and so, and like you said, everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, and most all of what we see is their strengths in blog world.

Oh, and by the way, it seems you and I have much the same weaknesses where Sonic comes from. Dr. pepper and a frito wrap, mmmmm!

Love in Christ,

Scarlett said...

I so agree that none of us are perfect. And I am so glad we don't have to be. I also love diet Dr. Pepper! But my fast food of choice is Taco Bell. I just try not to go to town often enough to over indulge. Such a great post today!

Anonymous said...

Your posts are always so wonderful and inspirational. It is important for us to remember we are reading a snipit of someone's life. None of us are perfect, but so many of us strive to be (and that of course is just not healthy). I am so thankful for your blog, it always gives me much wisdom. Have a blessed day!

aimee said...

Great post & I totally agree!
Blessings from the imperfect me,

Anonymous said...

I too am the same way. I have work here to keep me busy for weeks. Unfortunately, with a sick child I couldn't even keep up with normal daily work in the house. I am getting better at it and now I feel that I have some time for me. If I lived closer to you, I would do some sewing for you. I have even made wedding gowns.
I dress modest, mostly plain and like you I do not fit in where I live. I feel that I have never fit in so, I live according to Thy Word. Not SOCIETY.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this post. I, too, read a lot of blogs to help me along the way. I have to say also, my food weakness is Chinese Hot and Sour soup, God is helping me with that.


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