Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Some miscellaneous pictures

Just some pictures from schooling. These are some of the sheets we laminated for the extra workboxes. Everyone wanted to work on some today -- ahhh, the "newness" factor ;o)

Jacob hates writing. He doesn't like printing letters at all. Hates copywork and anything to do with pencils and paper and lettering. He used to enjoy it a bit more, but after being burned, he's just not interested at all now. I think part of it is because at first he couldn't write. He lost a lot of 'skill' last year and is still a bit discouraged by it all.

Abigail and KatiAnne are just doing routine copywork...letttering, copying pages, etc. We laminated some of the youngers' 2nd grade school paper. That's what they grabbed...it's that newness factor...
Even Emily had fun...although following the maze wasn't exactly her skill, she had fun drawing with the erasable markers ;o)

This is our turtle. He used to be about the size of a silver dollar, fitting in the cup holder of the van console nicely.

Now, he is around 3 or 4 years old and has grown out of 2 aquariums. He needs a larger one now, but 10 gal. is what I have currently.
He's out in the front yard for his photo shoot...with several watchful cats lingering off to the sidelines, waiting to see if we forget him out there.

We have no idea what he/she is. Maybe a slider? He has the similar markings and coloration, plus those red bars behind his eyes...but we aren't sure at all. He's just a turtle that lives on the island in the house. Do you know what he is?


Dana said...

We have a turtle exactly like that, his/her name is Mt. Dew, we have have had him/her for 4 yrs as well. Our neighbors won the turtle at the fair and brought it home, then the moved a few weeks later and put the turtle in a small tank on the back porch said if we wanted it we could have it, I couldn't just let it die so I brought it home. My son was a young 3yrs old then so he got to name it, he is certain its a boy and named him Mt.Dew because he was green like daddy's drink. Ours is in a 10 gallon tank as well, but he is rarely on his island he likes to be in the water most all the time. We looked it up on the internet and I am pretty sure its a red eared slider.

Catherine Anne said...

Great post. I love photo post. What cute kids:)-http://catherineanne5.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

Hello :)

He looks like a red eared terrapin.



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