Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Go Momma, Go Momma...

....go Momma to the HOUSE, is more like it!

Let's set some ground rules for this post....
Nature-loving animal activists need comment.

Yes, I know there are snakes in this world considered a good thing. Some are even desired on a homestead.

I'm sorry to offend anyone. Really, I am.

I'm all city-girl when it comes to snakes. Uptight, white bread, suburban city-girl.

The only 'good' snake in my eyes is one that is
A) on someone else's property, the farther from mine, the better; or
B) dead, cut into parts, disposed of as quickly as possible from my eye sight.

I don't like snakes. They give me the creeps clean through to my bones. I don't like them under things when I am not expecting them, I don't like them crawling along my yard, I don't like them in my chicken coop...

I just plain don't like them. Don't know what Eve saw in that one...eewwww...just makes my skin crawl!

The photo isn't the best quality, partly due to being my cell phone, but mostly due to the fact I was shaking enough to churn milk while trying to take the picture :o( I'm still creeping out and it's been a good half hour now. Oh man I don't like snakes.

Ok, yes, I shot the snake. Perhaps overkill (not that I think you can overkill a snake...) considering he wasn't but a foot long. Still, that's a 22 hole in his side there. Wasn't my best shooting I suppose, but it did the job and that's all I needed. I wouldn't have minded the 410, but they brought the panicky momma the 22 instead.

He is just a Kingsnake, you say. Small and harmless.


He was.

He's a cat toy now.

Well, part of him is a cat toy. The other part is tossed into the timber away from the rest of its body.

I had chores to tend outside. I was going to finish trim mowing around the barn. Now? Well, I'm sure there are enough tasks to keep me occupied INside the house. Mowing is rather over-rated, I believe. And the barn...well, who's to say those taller weeds aren't actually helping the barn stand tall and strong? I say they are.


Donna and Greg said...

I feel the same way about snakes....They are all deadly, they cause heartattacks. Or, the only good snake is a dead snake!

Carie said...

Exactly! The only good snake is a dead snake. I am not even brave enought to kill them, I run to the house and lock myself into the bathroom until some one promises that they took it away. I am having shivers just thinking about it!

Lisa said...

Last year I mowed over a snake... well part of one and I about died myself! I think I simply irritated the snake, lobbing off part of his tail. I agree about the dead snake being a good snake. I'm originally from Hawaii and we don't have snakes and don't allow snakes!

That said, I came across a snake while picking wild blackberries last spring. I stepped one foot up onto a bank to reach the berries, and there it was near my foot. I was armed with a pistol, but since it let me retract my foot without moving, I didn't shoot it. I consider that progress in my snake relationships. However, I think I may have wet myself just a bit!

Anonymous said...

Well I am moving to Texas and that is one thing that I am concerned with. I don't like snakes. I grew up with innocent snakes and I can deal with those kinds. But the one's that have a potential to kill you well those I am afraid of. Oh I do hope the Lord helps me over come my fears or makes me a good shot!


Jeremiah 6:16
Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.

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