Thursday, April 30, 2009

one more thing...about snakes...

I love this...

Ignorance can temporary and can be fixed. Stupid is forever.

THAT should be the motto hanging on my wall here. I need to stitch that up....for all of the children's hope chests, too!

I have killed 2 snakes this week. One I shot. Yes, he was one of the "good" snakes, according to Dewey. He was rather upset that I had one of those 'totally feminine city girl' moments and shot first, worried about identification later.

Can't help it. I was raised in "the city" more or less. And up north, to boot. Snakes aren't common up there. Not where I come from. Sure, a pretty little green garden snake now and then...I remember once, much in my childhood, my cousin and I found a garden snake in my Grandmother's front yard. My aunt came out and well, she didn't have a shotgun, but she took care of the snake.

The other snake...well, he was caught under the wheel of the lawnmower and seeing as I wasn't about to shoot my lawnmower, I took the ax and did a number on him. I have no idea what he was, aside from dead.

Snakes give me the heebeejeebees big time. Not that I much care for mice or those R things either! I am slowly learning that perhaps there is a snake or two I wouldn't mind having long as they go their way and I can go mine and our paths don't need to least where I know they do.

Anyway --
I used to be one of those people who thought "the only good snake is a dead snake", but I cannot tell you how horribly wrong that is.
Several years ago, a guy said that to me, and I replied, "Let me ask you a question, would you rather have rats and mice in your house, even though rats and mice
are known to carry a dozen diseases that can be fatal to humans; diseases which are even spread through the dust when their feces dries up and breaks apart? Or would you rather have in your house a snake that is afraid of you, that is completely harmless, doesn't eat or poison your food, or whose bite is like getting a tiny splinter or a slight abrasion?"
If you say "mice and rats" you are too stupid to live, and people like you were the cause of many millions of people dying from the plague in Europe. Ignorance can be temporary and can be fixed. Stupid is forever. Most spiders, snakes, etc. are actually very beneficial for humans, and you would much rather have them around then the things you WILL have around if you kill all the spiders and snakes.

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Jeremiah 6:16
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