Friday, March 6, 2009

Thanks Tiff!
This whole cell thing is new for me, and I left my internet card in Arkansas, so I'll basically be offline until the week after next. The girls at the phone shop told me I could so just about everything with this Blackberry phone, but it's all still Greek to me! I'm learning, though.
So much for 'disconnecting' from the world LOL

Not much going on here...even LIFE isn't acting up. Well, not so much, really. Everyone is feeling the effects of Mother Nature and the coming of springtime. We all have wicked allergies going on. I finally broke down after trying everything I knew of for some sort of relief and went with OTCs today. They don't do anything but mask the symptoms, but at this point, I'll take that happily. Better a medicine-head momma that can at least function than a mom oblivious to her world.

While in that oblivion
earlier today, Wild Child and his accomplice came upon an old spray paint can somewhere in the 20 acres here. Need I even continue?
I'm the not-so-enthusiastic momma of a couple Smurfs now :o( Wild Child painted his arm rather solidly, while David ended up with what looks like blue measles...both of them are coated, head to toe.
See why I broke down and went with OTCs now? I HAVE to be high-level functioning around here!

:::We did get some of the paint off, but not much considering the extent. Nail Polish remover. Rough, burning sensation on large areas, but it worked fairly well. I dabbed it on David's face with a Qtip and scrubbed him with hot soapy water right away. They are still totin' a blue hue, but they are as squeaky and wrinkly clean as any child you'll find!:::

We bought some 120# of sweet potatoes at the farm market to can up this week, Lord Willing. We'll definitely head back next week to get more. They started shipping in Michigan and Washington apple, too. Best-looking I've seen all year actually--even with this being winter.

My garden starts are coming along decent enough. Now to get a tiller out here and a week of good dry weather so I can at least turn things over a bit.

I need to sew. I am just this side of desperate for clothing :o( I went shopping at Cato's and found 3 denim skirts I liked that were long enough for my tastes, and picked up some shirts for them as well. I shocked a few at church coming in dressed more like them than my usual self. It felt very strange. Very Strange. I don't know if I can keep dressing like that--it's been a long (l-o-n-g) time since I've worn anything that wasn't a cape dress or had an apron. I felt very conspicuous to say the least!

That's about all from this homestead. We had a great visit in Arkansas with Dewey last week. I can't do it again, though. I don't know how he does it, coming home for a few days then leaving again. It tore me up separating again to come home! And the youngers didn't understand at all...KatiAnne packed her very favorite toys to take and once there, lined them up on the dresser within the first few minutes! When I started talking about getting back home, they all said we were home there. It wasn't easy explaining that that was daddy's work and we still lived here, with our chickens and goats and such. They were a bit relieved that they weren't losing everything they didn't pack to bring, but they were still confused :o(

Only a few more months. We can do it. Spring is coming and we'll be so busy the time will fly by!

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Mrs. Trixi said...

That's what I say when I think about hubby being gone to Iraq for a year, "We will be so busy, time will fly by." I don't know if I am fooling myself or not. I too am getting the garden going. It has been disked once and now needs to have the fertilizer disked in. I am so glad your trip went well but I know you hated to leave. I hope your time apart flies by!!!

Page said...

Hi, How are you? Have you left Homestead Blogger completely. I was looking for an email address for you on here but couldnt find one, please have you or do you know how Carrie is - I am very concerned and so are many others. A fellow blogger suggested I contact you to see if you have heard anything.

Please would you mind emailing me at: or if this doesnt work I have a blog at

Take care and I love your blog on here,


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