Tuesday, March 10, 2009

One thing

...I don't like about having to 'blog' from the cell phone is I can't comment...I have to send it in as another entry. Ugh.

Aimee thank you. That is just what I'm talking about. I fully understand why people go about things the way they do in life -- its always been done like that. That's how life is done. We do what we've been taught to do, by our parents, our friends, the media, etc. We don't grow up thinking outside the box of common and normal and expected.

Honestly, I didn't grow up pushing the box apart. My family is pretty textbook common and normal. They don't throw 'caution' to the wind and do wild things with anything, let alone money. My mom has crefit cards, investments, Roth IRAs, bonds...the whole Wall Street shebang has her income tied in knots.

I don't do any of that. We haven't had a credit card or store card since before Johanna was born -- she's 13 now. We don't like banks at all, but this company has one of those direct deposit policies for this job so we have no choice, the check shows up when it's scheduled (except a couple weeks ago when it just didn't...). By 9 am on payday I'm waiting outside as they unlock the lobby doors -- I immediately pull that entire paycheck out in good old hard cold cash.

If anyone is going to lose that money, it will be me...not circumstance.

All I'm saying is for us personally, we want to live a different lifestyle. I don't believe folks have near the control over their own lives they think they do. They are too intertwined to everything around them. They have tied their own hands with feeling somehow obligated to follow the lead of everyone else...credit cards, debt that never truly gets paid off just down, spending money they don't have yet because they want what they want now rather than later. It's how we've been conditioned to live. Why wait? We deserve these joys in life now.

I want my children to live a different life. I want them to see that they can have all the things they want without the ties of debt included.

Maybe it can't be done they way I think it can. I mean, so far we've done it, but maybe it's just a delusion. That's ok. I'm pretty stubborn. I fully intend to keep living a different life than most folks, if for no other reason than to show it can be done :o)
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Anonymous said...

Hello Deanna its been a while we lost the modeum on our computer. HP just got it fixed Sat, I do have a question you say u don't have credit cards do you ever rent a car? Some times when we go on vacation we fly and then rent a card they want a credit card? How would you get around that or do you know?
Thanks Brenda/haflinger


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