Monday, March 9, 2009

Congratulations on the next blessing Jana.
I agree that those scores are being looked at more often these days and I had heard a while back that even McDonalds looked at them for hiring.

I still believe they are only as important as we allow them to be. If I went out today and applied for several jobs, just turning in apps and whatnot, then tried to get into an apartment and go for a cell phone, my score would drop seriously from the number of inquiries. This takes time to recover, so for say a month, I've dropped my 'score' just from activity that had nothing to do with anything financial. If they are looking at my score to determine worthiness, I look pretty bad now for no other reason than I've made alot of paperwork on my end and they've checked my score. The last few guys to check my rating really think I look bad.

Some people are going to stress over their rating no matter what. I'm not. It's just not something I'm willing to lose sleep over or go into debt for. That score shows I have debt. Paying off or otherwise, I have debt.

We bought our home/land with cash. We set up our cell phone contract the same way. I'm sure our credit was looked at, but the most it did, being virtually non-existent, was increase the down payment we paid to start the cell contract. I can live with that. It's my payment for not being part of the common thought wave, I suppose.

It is harder to deal with cash alone these days and that's sad. It takes a lot of work and hunting to deal on a cash-only basis but I prefer it to being a number on someone's desk somewhere. One day it could prove to be a big deal to not be one of those numbers.
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myownterms said...

I read both your post today, and yesterday concerning credit scores and debt.
I got my first credit card 2 years ago. Then it happened. I got hurt at work. I used the card. Now 2 years later I am still out of work, with the possibility not looking good for me to go back.
Workman's comp has decided to fight with me over bills etc. They are not paying me, thus I am not paying my debt. My credit score has to be about 300 by now.
But I am not stressed about it. They will get the money as soon as I do. I want out of debt more than they want their money.
I deal in only cash now. I do not have a checking account. Only a savings account so that I can cash a check here or there, and save what little I can after paying the bills.

Thank you for the great blog, I have become a big fan.


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