Monday, March 23, 2009

Just one more quick note.... (pictures at the bottom)

AuntieM....over at Salty Disciplines...if you don't visit there, go now. There is a great post waiting (and lots more in the archives for when you have some spare moments)! Her other blog is just as good...Aprons, Poetry and Fun Stuff.

I loved this...absolutely loved it and was nodding my head in agreement the whole way. I have done alot in terms of what is spoken of in this post, but I am so far behind and have so far to go! Abigail is 9 now and KatiAnne is 6....we have lots of work to do!!!

BTW -- my girls all do know how to cook at least a few things, even KatiAnne and Abigail can handle things in the kitchen, though not on the level of Jennifer and Johanna. Johanna excels more with baking thank cooking. Jennifer does a lot of cooking here, but her baking is still mainly for the chickens :o) They plan to live next to each other...neither husband will go without a well rounded meal that way ;o)

The Wedding Bliss Blizzard
Your daughters will begin understanding and receiving the blessed agenda of God as they prepare meals that increase with satisfaction, as they progress. And Mom, allow your girls to make mistakes in the kitchen! Give them the apron and wooden spoons once or twice a week. Perhaps have them set up a menu with you. You could buy them their own cookbooks with a trusty ole' apron!! Now there's a thought!

"Give her of the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates." Prov 31:31

These are the last of the pictures...they finally uploaded. technology my aunt fanny. Pokey Little Puppy is more like it.

These are the same fish at the spring from the earlier post this week. They were swimming around the dock where we get our water. Tons of them. Just swimming in the sunshine and lovin' life.

David spent the day picking up all the clay clods we dug out for the raspberry bushes. I filled each hole with compost, peat, and topped it with Miracle Gro potting soil. I cheat, I know :o)

Barn Cleaning was also done over the last week or so. Yes, there's David again (it's his wheelbarrow he says...) and Abigail up front...and KatiAnne in flowered pants no less in the back. She had been at the pond...she soaked her dress and the others were on the line still. Probably dry enough to get, but I was inside the barn shoveling and mucking it out, so she grabbed things from the give-away bag someone else had passed along to us.

Here they are coming up from the pond and back clearing. This clearing is where we plan to build our house...eventually. The barn and pastures will be at the front of the property and we will build there in the middle, sort of hidden away nicely. I was actually planning to put the schoolhouse up here, but I'll take the full house instead :o) That path behind them goes to the pond -- just behind the pines on the right is where I wanted the schoolhouse building. Yes, David has mud boots on his hands...and he's barefoot. He's always been a bit, um, eccentric.

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Jeremiah 6:16
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