Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm not saying a word...

...because this site says it much better!
I won't add a thing. Not a word, not a syllable. Honest.

In the past three decades, the numbers of doses of government recommended vaccines for children and medical organizations like the American Academy of Pediatrics has tripled to 69 doses of 16 vaccines, with 48 doses of 14 vaccines targeted to children under age six. Pharma lobbyists have persuaded most states to pass laws requiring two to three dozen doses of most of the 16 government recommended vaccines. Last year New Jersey became the first state to mandate influenza vaccine for children attending daycare and school.

In the past few years, Dr. Jefferson has authored several independent reviews of influenza studies published in the medical literature for the Cochrane Collaboration, which have been published in the British Medical Journal, questioning the quality of published scientific evidence for influenza vaccine effectiveness and safety for the elderly as well as children.

Clearly, if the makers and marketers of vaccines can influence the quality and quantity of the scientific evidence published in the medical literature proving that vaccines are safe and effective - evidence that is used by states to mandate vaccines and by the U.S. Court of Claims to deny compensation to vaccine injured children - then Congress was wrong in 1986 to protect the makers and marketers of vaccines from liability for injuries and deaths caused by those vaccines.


oma aka meme said...

I had polio as a child and still suffer the effects- if there had been something in time for me - perhaps my life would have been easier- I know children who died in our district from measles and other general child hood problems that are protected now-
wonder if this fellow thought to speak to any of the polio survivors and we were the lucky ones- dying in an iron is a hard way to die-I realize that this has nothing to do with his ideas but I did want to say that some things do help some people -alas there is no compensation for those who did not get the vaccines either=
just some Meme thoughts

Tracie said...

I know vaccines are a very personal issue and choice. And I do agree it should be a parent's choice. I just thought I would throw in my 2 cents about something that is going on in my area right now.
My nephew has whooping cough. There is an outbreak at his elementary school right now because some children are not vaccinated against it. My nephew will be fine with antibiotics. My 69 year old dad who has COPD and was exposed because he babysits my nephew may not be as lucky. My 2 month old niece has also been exposed to it.
It scares me to think that some of the illnesses of the past may pop up again. In a perfect world I would like to see the number of vaccines brought to as low as they could get and made as "green" as they can be. A flu vaccine should never be a requirement.

Mrs. Dewey Smith said...

I am sorry your Dad is dealing with COPD. My dad suffered with it as well. He passed away a few years ago.

As to the whooping cough issue, it has never been irradicated in this country. It's been mis-diagnosed more than any other illness out there. It looks like any other common respiratory illness...runny nose, cough (although this one lasts over several weeks and progresses in degree), low-grade fever...you yourself could have had the disease many times and not even know it.
The vaccine wears off over time -- most teenagers and nearly all adults are no longer 'protected' by the vaccine they may have once received.
You niece at that age will have received her first shot already for the Pertussis portion of the DTaP shot.

I'm not saying anyone should or should not receive immunizations. It is a personal choice. To say there is an outbreak 'because' some are not vaccinated is putting the horse before the cart. Surely there are cases of unvaccinated children transmitting diseases, but this is far from being the only method of diseases being passed along. Immunizing every child in the world isn't going to stop anything. Perhaps slow it down, but it will not stop these diseases from moving around.

We will certainly keep your father in our prayers as he lives with COPD.

Mrs. Dewey Smith said...

Oma, I'm sorry you are suffering effects from polio.
The facts out there about the polio outbreaks i the US show that the disease was already on decline before the vaccine was 'discovered' and administered. At no point in history since it's 'discovery' has the decline of polio been as great as before it even existed. The vaccine did not/does not play a part in it's lack of show over the years.
The man who 'created' the vaccine testified before congress that most of the polio outbreaks in the 1960's were directly correlated to those receiving the vaccine itself. His original vaccine was the cause of the disease...not the preventive for it.
Nutrition and external circumstances (such as the strong correlation between polio outbreaks and pesticide usage) cause polio.
To make the vaccine look better to the public when first introduced, they literally 'changed the definition' of polio so it appeared to be on the decline initially.

If we were to ever decide to get a vaccine, this one would be at the far bottom of my list.


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