Saturday, January 24, 2009

What kind of day will it be?

One of those days.

We have to have them, I suppose.

It rained last night, so the mud is back around the homestead.

We have been cleaning in force outside. We have so much JUNK... lying around out here. Most of it is in 'piles' or at least sectioned off somehow, but still. It's junk. And it's not a small amount, either.

But, we've at least made good strides at taming the junk monster now. Though taming isn't what needs done, but it's a start and I'm happy with it.

Today is slipping by and here I am...on the computer instead of really working at the list of things that need/should be tended to. It's sunny out, the air is warm and cool both -- a very comfortable blend of winter and spring. It's muddy, but still...we have things that need done.

I have to get into town and pay the water bill. I was in yesterday, it was on my list, but I completely spaced it out and didn't drop it off. Can't mail it. It's due Monday and if it's not in their drop box waiting on them to open the door, they will be out here to cut it off, no ifs-ands-or-butts about it. No excuses. And, of course, they'll charge me a $30 fee for their trouble to boot.

So, it' a trip back into town.

You know, for as far out and rural as we live, we are really only 13 miles from driveway to town here. Mind you, it's seems much farther, with the twists and turns coming off this 'mountain' area down to town. I can't believe I forgot to drop it off :o( What a waste.

I am going to get to some sewing later, as well. I have 2 pinafores for Emily waiting on binding, and a dress for Abigail's birthday next weekend. Still need to do her an apron, too. And I need a new good dress. I always put off making myself anything, but I really do need to get one done. I picked up some really pretty upholstery material at Hobby Lobby while in Tupelo with Debi. It's a pretty light blue and floral panel print. My last decent kitchen apron was made of upholstery material and it got morre and more soft with each washing. It lasted me a good 15 years, really. I've patched and stitched and repaired that poor apron so many times. There's really nothing more to do with it but take what's left and turn it into scrap rags now.

I can't wait to make the new one and see how it turns out. I hope it's jus as soft and lasts at least half as long.

But, nothing is going to get done sitting here, is it?
What are your plans for the day?


LizBeth said...

Upholstery material for aprons! What a fantastic idea. That is just what I needed to make an apron for DH. I'm glad you got on the computer this afternoon.

Sorry about the extra trip to town. I've zoned out like that more than once, but I just figured God wanted me in a different spot at the time. Who knows? Blessings, LizBeth

As Simply As We Can said...

We've had a pretty productive day. Dh and I loaded up the truck with junk from our yard(yep, ours is messy too)and headed to the dump with that. Then to Save A Lot to do some more before-we-get-laid-off stocking up. Then we headed out of town to Lowe's to get us a mailbox. We're not going to use the p.o. box anymore because it's going to be like $75 to renew the rent on it - and it's just a itty bitty box too. That and I *hate* driving to the post office to get my mail. Not much else going on tonight except getting my ducks in a row for church tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Its kinda slow here today... visited with a friend for a bit... typed a bit... I don't do much on Saturdays.. (Sabbath) I have learned that I really need the rest. I get up each morning at 4am and do an 8 hr shift at work (which I am looking forward to leaving when we move) and I go to bed at 8. So on the weekends I try to rest at least one day. I have heard a lot about Hobby Lobby, can't wait to check it out when we move to Texas. I hope you and your family are doing well.
Blessings Debylin


Jeremiah 6:16
Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.

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