Tuesday, December 30, 2008

House plans?

LOL...I'm certainly not an architect. And I'm not an artist.

Kris, I took your house plan ;o) I'm very visual, so Dewey will have to do all the fine-tuning for me. LOL...last 'plan' I gave him was all whacked out size-wise. It was just crazy how I had things set up.

I have such a good, patient husband. He hardly laughs out loud at my attempts :o) A perfect match.

I kind of know what I want. I sort of know what I'd like to have. I think I know how it will all look and work.

But, Dewey will tweak and play with it and make it work. I hope.

Ignore my little thought notes on each. And I'm sure there are plenty of things for Dewey to tweak...like making sure plumbing is lined up as it should be and so forth. These are just some thoughts from playing with Kris' design. Do you think they'll work?


Anonymous said...

I've been following your blog and love all your posts. I love the house plan you have designed...so different than the way houses are designed here in Texas! You sound a lot like myself...you have it all in mind, can even picture building it, living in it, etc....now it's just getting it tweaked correctly LOL Have fun and Good Luck! I can't wait to see the progress!

Ante Family Agrarians said...

That's not my house...LOL!
I was compeletly turned around seeing how you enter my house from the east. HAHAHA! No really it looks great, and all you took from our plan is the large box, with smaller boxes inside idea. LOL!!
We'll hopefully this spring have a screened in front porch finally. The plan looks great. I know what you mean though with the husband having to come and tweak it. Logan looked at what I had drawn up and said, "Well we'll need a support beam here, and here, so move this." HAHA! It's exciting to think about isn't, building you own home. It will be a great experience. Also you'll notice that things will still change once you start building and see it. Have fun!
Peace, Kris

Debi said...

I like it. But why 3 bedrooms for the children????
Looks pretty neat. I think that I have decided that we are going to just build a bunk house and then use this house as the cook house. Then I won't have to worry about the house getting to warm in the summer.
I just told Richard today that I don't want to add on, just build something new, then we can fix this up if we want to.
Besides the mice are going to move us out soon enough anyway. These cats are useless!!!!! Old farm houses ya gotta love them.

Mrs. Dewey Smith said...

Kris...I laughed at what you said, Logan pointing out the need for a beam here and such and such there. That is exactly what Dewey did when he opened the attachments I sent him. First comment was, it's just a box. Then he asked how the loft was holding up there...where were my markings for beams/posts downstairs. I told him that was his part of the planning work.
I'm sure it will change many times before a hole is dug. This isn't the first 'idea on paper' we've toyed with :o) I suppose if I rent a backhoe and tell him I'm starting to dig a hole, he'll crack down on a decision right away.

Debi -- 3 bedrooms so we have extra space for Grandma. She's talking about moving, of course she won't until my grandmother passes, but might as well plan the space now instead of later.
Dewey noted that my bedrooms weren't quite right and the kitchen sink was coming into the one bedroom. LOL...I'm no architect, that's what I got married for :o) One of us needs to be the brawn with a bit of brains. I'm just the dreamer of the group here.
Our other kitten decided to go into Daisy's pen and play. He's not with us anymore. That grey-stripe was the mouser of the group for sure. Now Boots here is in the house, all tea-tree'd up for fleas and cleaned. He's not a mouser, that's for sure. He's a lazy thing...just a sunbeam chaser :o) Moves around all day following the sunshine on the floor.

Dewey is tweaking the plan for me and letting me know what he can make work and what he doesn't like. He wants the storm shelter to be under earth, not just a porch. Said it will still get really hot in there without the earth covering it. Will probably keep it as is, but shorten the porch corners there so ther can be a nice earthen burm covering the shelter. Guess I can plant some herbs and such up there on that 'roof'.


Debi said...

I still think that you need a door from outside in the yard.
Are you going to have him include one?
Our shelter is mostly in the dirt, but the top is uncovered and it is ok on temp, it's not like I go down there and play. You aren't going to be living in the shelter, just hiding out if the weather turns bad. Then you are out and God willing back to normal.
Just something else for you to think about.

Mrs. Dewey Smith said...

Dewey is talking about a steel door to the outside, but it would be locked all the time, so I don't know what the point would be with it.

The top needs to be covered with earth for the temperature. I'm not planning to have 'just' a storm shelter, but a root cellar/pantry for the larger bulk items as well. I want to be able to use it for other things, not just the occasional storms that need shelter.
So far, in our 3 years here, we've only needed the shelter once, so I really want the space to multipurpose. Of course, it only takes once to be of use :o) I just can't see the expense from a practical sense if I'm not really using it.


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