Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Nothing Political :o)

I'm not voicing in on the political history that has been made. It's done, and all I can say now is May The Lord God bless our President and lead him in His Path, Guide his daily steps with prayer and thought, and Direct him with His Spirit in the leading and protecting of our country. May God have mercy and bless all of us through this time. Now, more than ever, is the time for prayer for our country and our future.

I am still having issues adding pictures in here. I have several just waiting to get put in place. We have pictures of the hogs -- which I sold to a friend at church and don't even have to attempt to load up for butcher myself. I'll use the proceeds from their sale to go buy someone else's pork at the butcher.

I have pictures of our visit with Christina and her family last month -- all our combined children gathered on the swing set, and some beautiful scenery on the way over the Tennessee River.

Yesterday we rearranged the main room here. Being a double-wide mobile home, the living room is rather open and large -- ours is about 18x24. Would be a great living room if the dining room wasn't such a joke in size. Our main room is kept as living room and dining room here. The true dining room houses the school shelves and desk, computer and all the sewing needs.

The move around was done so the cookstove could be set in place for use this year. I am not construction-skilled in the slightest. I can hammer nails, drive screws and make attempts at cutting wood correctly, but I'd be afraid to live in something I had constructed aside from popping up a tent. The enclosure of the front porch into living space just wasn't going to happen on my watch. And without some properly done constructing, the cookstove cannot be used out there without subjecting it to all manner of weather.

However, I think I can manage to close off the back window and seal it properly, then sleeve a pipe through there and mount it for use.

So, the cookstove, however misplaced it may seem in the "living room" of my house, is there now, waiting for the materials to do the task at hand. Of course, I might just wait on Thanksging weekend when Dewey comes home for that installation part. I do believe I can do it without him, but I wouldn't want to deprive him of the joy of blessing his wife with the use of her cookstove.

This weekend -- barring that rainy forecast -- we will begin emptying, sorting and purging the workshop building here. It's a mess. No. It's a disaster area out there. I'm bringing the trailer up here and we are going to begin loading everything onto it, then sorting and cleaning the building, getting some areas set up for the mass of tools we have accumulated over the years, and then we'll put things back in place in some sort of order. That's The Plan, anyway.

I guess that's about it. Despite all that's turning about in our country, we are just moving along at the usual pace around here. Although I will admit to a slightly deeper pull to prepare for the future of my family here, mainly our needs and daily living survival things. And maybe some more ammo -- in case some more critter's take notice of my chickens and such out here in the middle of nowhere.

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