Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Excuse me?

Whoa there Nelly!

It was mentioned to me that perhaps I am lacking in a meek and quiet spirit because I made the remarks I did in my post previously.
(ok, I make a lot of unmeek and non-quiet comments I suppose. The Lord is far from finished with me folks...adjust, ok?)

Yes, I'd like to clarify a bit here, though honestly, I don't need to at all.

I am NOT politically minded at all. I don't really care one way or the other WHO is President of The United States. God is still God and He is still in charge. We will get whatever President we get based on whom God allows to be put in that office. Plain and Simple. I don't like President Obama on many levels, but I don't like McCain on many levels either. It's truly of no interest to me. Of course, now I've said that out loud about our President and the men in black will no doubt take some offense...

What did I say in my post that was so worthy of a buzz of dissention? That I'm gathering ammo???? Sorry, for those anti-NRA folks out there who read my little posts here, but we have guns here. It's just part of life. My husband hunts. Granted, his hunting weapon of choice is usually his bow, but still...we have guns (we have fishing poles, too, with hooks of all sizes to snare defenseless little fishies with). I think it's just plain common sense to have ammo to supply those guns. I'm hardly out to arm Nicaragua rebels or anything. There is no planned attack on my government. We just have a couple guns.

Not sure what part of 'paradise' you might be living in, but I live in the rural South here. Not to bash my fellow neighbors or smear the name of The South, but we don't live in Mayberry RFD. Right here, our road just got electric power a handful of years before we moved in. Several people still live without electricity, or even piped in water, well or community. BY CHOICE. This isn't small town country charm over here, it's plain ol' backwoods Southern comfort I guess.

We live on a mountain side where they (meaning everyone over the age of 5 just about) hunt with high powered rifles...all animals...all year long...usually from their 4-wheelers or pick-up trucks. I live just past nowhere out here, my south is a good 2 miles of nothing aside from a 4-wheeler trail. To the west of me is what I'm told is a good 3000 acres of nothing. Nothing. No roads, no trails, no people. Gullies that could swallow a house for a couple decades, rock pits and what-not. Timber as far as you care to look up that mountain and down the other side. It's all full of wildlife. Not cute little squirrels and bunny rabbits...I'm told there are some serious cats prowling around here. To my east is only a half mile of timber, then it opens up some. We have paved roads -- LOL, if you can call them that in all honesty -- over there. North of me is timber and over-growth for about 2 miles, then our country road up to church, and past that a few miles or more of ups and downs in the timber and brush again.

So, guns are protection. No, this isn't Little House on The Prairie here and we aren't braving the wilderness, but we are probably much closer to that reality than those crying over the fact that we have guns and I feel the need to stock ammo. I'm not some fanatic anti-government person burying weapons in the back 40 for armagedon. Couldn't if I wanted to -- our land is total red thick clay and below that gray sludge clay muck. I'd need a backhoe to bury my loot and stash around here.

Of course, if I were burying weapons and preparing for armagedon, I probably wouldn't tell you here, out loud and in public, anyway, would I?.

But why do you care, I guess would be my question and complaint. Does it bother you that I'm not the picture of a meek and quiet spirit? Is it a big deal that we have guns on our homestead? Hey, we eat red meat, too. And don't forget those fish we snagged with our sharp hooks dangling on invisible fishing line.

If I never load another gun, I do honestly believe that one day, could be sooner than we even think, things like that will make a difference in this world. I don't look at ammo any differently than I do the 50# bags of oats and wheat stored here. It's common practical storage to me. Life is not going to just continue along, all peaches and cream, forever. My Bible tells me of a different future. If nothing else, my ammo might be bartered for food needs or such one day, who knows?

And, honestly, truly, pinky-swear...I don't CARE who was voted in as President. I live in this country and I will pray for my government, whether I like the names in charge or not, and whether I agree with their decisions or not. That is the part I render unto Caesar. My prayers.


Anonymous said...

I live in the rural south along with you..and I fully agree with you as we are gun owners ourselves..The one thing I would argue with you about is this..There is a thing as God's permissable will and God's sovereign will. Just because God allowed someone to win the white house doesn't mean it was his will. God will allow some things in our lives just to teach us a lesson and also for his plans to play out also..Take for example, God never wanted Israel to have a king..He wanted to be their king..But because of all of Israel's whining and moaning that they wanted one..he allowed it to happen, but it was never his will..I appreciated your blog and enjoy reading it!! keep up the good work---Jana

Anonymous said...

Oops!!..I meant to say I appreciate your blog..not appreciated..sorry, Jana

Amanda said...

While I did not see anything wrong in the last post, I do have to wonder why, if you don't care about the president or politics, why you mentioned it at all?

Ginger said...

Are you kidding me, I saw NOTHING wrong in your last post. People just like to pick on people because it makes them feel good. I love your blog! We have a gun to... For hunting

Leigh-Ann said...

Love this blog as well! We've been stocking up as we can and I always feel like there's something else I could have more of. I list ammo as part of my "pantry stores" up here as well. I figure, if you've got the guns you should be able to use them.


As Simply As We Can said...

Yep, got the guns here too. As a matter of fact, ds ownes two rifles already. Keeps them on a gun rack in his bedroom. Granted, he doesn't have ammo in them - we keep that. But we have guns for both hunting and protection. If some people don't like it, they can just deal I suppose.

Deborah said...

I dont see anything wrong with your post! People just look for things to make Christians look bad.It is just the way the world is going.

We also have guns and are stocking up on ammo.WHY? Well with things going the way they are,for food,for protection and because we have snakes and other unfriendly critters here.
I love you blog!

Mrs. Trixi said...

We too, are rendering our prayers. I like the promise in 1 Timothy 2:1-4, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. So we will be praying for the new president, as well. However, from his history, I know that he is anti gun and we too, will be stocking up on ammo. We too hunt, as a means of filling our freezer and supplying our meat needs. It is a neccesity!!
As for the meek and quiet, I have known you for a while my friend and I can trust you to tell it like it is, no matter the topic. That is a quality that I depend on!!

Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

Currently we do not own any guns, not that we are anti-gun, quite the contrary! My husband is a wussified suburbanite and doesn't hunt. However that is all changing, we are getting ready to purchase the first of several guns in the next month or so. for several reasons. #1 Because we can! #2 Hubby wants to start hunting. #3 Becuase we can #4 Because it is our right #5 Because we can....wait did I say that already???

Mrs Dewey Smith said...

I suppose I mention it (the Presidential race and all) because this is the country I live in. I may not be politically saavy, but I do live here. How people vote is their own personal business, but the Who belongs to everyone, voters and non. I've seen people who do not vote get rather loud about the choices...pointless, when you haven't voted yourself. I've seen those who did vote, remain quiet.

Sorry, I'm not much of what you would call a 'quiet person' at all. I say what I have on my heart, and yes, I often (too often, it appears) jump ahead of my God-given common sense :o)

Right now, agree or disagree with the choices in place, our country can't continue on without a deep and serious prayer vigil... God is still God and He places people in the positions He does. My heart is calling out Chronicles 7:14, as many others are as well.

This election was historical. Not many truly thought we would have a black President, given our hang-ups with race for so many generations. It was a truly monumental step for this country.

This comment from a blog I follow sums things up rather nicely, I think:

If there is to be any future to the Christian political thought, then Christians cannot continue to be republican lapdogs rain or shine. There must be a return to uncompromising faith in the certainty of Gods word. Every area of political thought must be brought under the authority of scripture, and any candidate that is Biblically unqualified will have to change or give up one of their most influential voter bases. We are called to be peculiar people of faith in Christ, not people called after pragmatism and compromise. If we believe what scripture says then, it is not the voter, but God who rises up leaders for the nations. Christians read that in the scriptures, but they do not truly believe that do they. If Christians truly believed what the word of God said it would naturally follows that delivering a vote made in faith for a Biblically qualified candidate (even if he has “no chance” of winning) goes further to raise up strong and godly leaders then a pragmatic vote for “the better of two evils”. Leaders like Obama are given as God’s judgment against all those who disregard His word and are given to compromise.

We have four years to think over the consequence of compromise and during that time we have a lot of work to do.

Mrs Dewey Smith said...

And Amen... we have guns because right now WE CAN. We have a rather strong-minded President-Elect in place who would like to take those privileges away from us. I prefer to keep what I have, thank you.

Not looking to start shooting the neighbors, but protection is protection and I am a woman alone in the rural country here with 8 children. And, hunting is still hunting and will get food needs into my freezer.

Cathy said...

Geez, why would someone have such a problem with owning guns. We own more then I can count. I have read this post and the one prior and found nothing wrong with either, in fact, i agree whole heartedly with both. I live on a farm in North Kansas (moved here from SOuth MS) and you know what we use our guns for, coyotes getting after my chickens, scaring stray dogs off our property, hunting, AND we have no problem using them for personal protection against a burglar if the need arises. Heck , where we live, by the time the police got here some criminal could have gotten away with our property or broken in and done some harm to one of us. With a gun and all family memebers knowing how to use one we are prepared. AND who knows, with the way our country is going who's to say things aren't going to go in a bad way in the years to come? I dont mind saying we are and have been stocking up on ammo for WHATEVER we want to stock it for. You have to protect yourself, your family and whats yours because no one else is going to do that for you when push comes to shove.If anyone was on the Gulf Coast during and after Hurricane Katrina you should understand what I mean. Whatever comment the person left about your stocking ammo...I wouldnt personally respond to it because that is what they are wanting you to do. You have some really great posts. I may not always agree with everyhing but God made us all different for a reason. I dont care what Joe Shmoe down the street thinks or any one else for that matter. When they need to protect themselves or theirs let them use a phone or a frying pan (like it would work, lol). I would use my gun.
Personally I didnt like either candidate but the country has voted and Obama is there and thats that. I didnt vote because i didnt want either one to be President. Just as I have a right to vote, i have the right to not vote. I have a right to voice my opinion as well, whether i voted or not. This is still a free country, for now anyways.
Hang in there and keep up your good posts.I look forward daily to checking your blog.


Jill said...

Reading this post made me smile. Thanks :) I love your witty ways and commentaries. Just a comment, my father just bought a gun and the gun guy in the shop said that day--last Sat. before the election he sold over 100 guns in one day. Incredible. Taking up arms? Preparation? Coincidence? Blessings to you and your family. God will and does always reign supreme!


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