Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What happens when you aren't online...

Well, first off....your mail gets rather full and becomes a time-consuming go-through.

Then, you end up inadvertently deleting some notes about comments here :o(

When you finally get logged in, you find that there are a slew of comments waiting to be moderated. I didn't know that. I wasn't aware I had set anything up to moderate comments. So, forgive me for everyone who was sitting in the comment box, in limbo as it were. I don't moderate comments. I may not like what someone has to share, but as long as it's family-friendly for viewing, I am not going to play censor on my blog. Everyone has an opinion, everyone knows what they know and likes what they like. I'm no different. If we can agree to disagree and keep free, open minds, there's no point in moderating other than to keep it friendly for all who may see it.

However...I'm a bit lost now here. I had comments that I cannot find as I've deleted the emails with them. I read them, but not sure I can answer each now.

Guess I need to be online a bit more....I had an enormous amount of emails in my box and that's just ridiculous. What I need to do is go back over yahoo groups with a fine-toothed comb and really see what mail I receive and what it offers me, as well as what I offer that group. Surely I can do some serious paring down.

Now, onto homestead news....

There isn't any, really. LOL...I haven't been off-line due to anything catastrophic or even chaotic. I just haven't had the motivation to get online lately. We have been working on character training around here, and schooling and laundry. Just regular life.

Dewey was home this weekend some. He came in late Thursday, had to go up to Tennessee to the shop Friday, and then headed back off to Arkansas Sunday after church. It wasn't much time, but we enjoyed having even a short visit. Pretty soon his work will pick up enough that he won't be able to come home, we'll have to travel over there.

I have several pictures on the camera I had planned to share...but for some reason I haven't figured out yet, the camera decided not to connect to the computer :o( Ugh. As much as I like my computer and a few select gadgets, I really get irked at technology! I'll keep playing with it all and see if I can figure out what I did, or didn't do.

We've been back to making butters here. A couple from church gave us a bushel of pears from their trees. Not the prettiest fruits in the world, but oh-so delicious! We cooked them down yesterday and the puree is in the crock pot now, making into pear butter. I don't expect to get many pints from it, but every little bit in the pantry is a blessing and a treat.

I haven't followed the 'bail out' news lately. I know the first attempt at a bill failed and I thought they were to vote on some changes to it today, but that's all I know. I'm sure when it all hits the fan, someone will blog about it and I'll be able to find out what I need to know ;o) There are far more eloquent bloggers out there interested in politics and finances than me! If you have news, drop me a line and fill me in :o)

We are hoping to get some things done today. Yesterday I stopped by to set up the appointment to get new tires. Yes, all we say pricey? Really, it wasn't as bad as I first imagined. We drive a 15 passenger van. It takes heavy duty tires, and we do alot of driving really, for as much as we stay home, we drive alot when we do drive. Everything is highway, so at least there's a small plus there. The total for tires, inspection and alignment with all the taxes and labor included was $731. Not nearly the ouch I expected, but still, a pretty healthy pinch. As I said, I stopped by to get the appointment all set, to make sure they had the tires I was wanting in stock, etc. They were in a lull for the day. He offered to go ahead and do it then, and hold my payment until Friday, when we originally planned to do it. Can't beat that.

The children were lightly impressed with all the sights and sounds of the mechanic bay, and they thought it was kind of fun to be hoisted up in the lift and all, but an hour and a half was straining even the most pleasant of children. They were bored and things got a bit rowdy toward the end of the time. We didn't have any serious issues arise from it all, but we didi talk about how we need to be able to control ourselves, no matter how long something takes or how bored we might be. They did all stay in the car -- a repair shop/mechanic shop simply isn't a place for children to be having freedom. The waiting area was very small, and they had a television on and we are trying to curb that completely here, so it wasn't an option for us. As I said, they did really well for the length of time, and next time I think we'll do even better.

Time to get moving. A fabric shop went out of business and they didn't sell everything off. He took the tons of remaining fabrics -- cotton for making scrubs! -- and boxed it up into bundles of 50 yards and 100 yards. Pieces ranging from a yard minimum to 20 yards maximum. Get this -- they are selling for $15 a box for the 100 yard and $10 for the 50 yard box! The scrubs material is perfect for us -- it washes up very nicely, releases wrinkles well, and the colors are solid. We don't always stick to solids, but they are nice. I really hope he has some left and I can get at least 4 of the 100 yard boxes.

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