Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Finally -- the pictures!

Ok, still don't know why the camera didn't want to upload to the computer...or why the computer didn't want it to, but that's technology for you. I've played and reloaded and rebooted and what-have-you, and finally, this time, it just sort of worked.

Here's the assorted odd pictures of the last many days here:

LOL...yes, basically a useless picture...but it was supposed to be here for the day I baked the pumpkin bread and raisin pumpkin snack cake. And yes, of course I buy butter in that huge container....doesn't everyone? My goodness, what other size would there be for a large family?

How do you learn to ride a bike? Well, you talk your older brother into letting you be the first to ride his new bike, then you get on and let him, push you gently....across the front yard. Note to my children: you might want to find a new place to test your bike riding skills. There is a slope to the front yard in that particular area, and it heads straight into the mulch pile and timber line.

This is Wild Child, Jacob...with Abigail there in blue, and KatiAnne on the bike....totally forgetting to even pedal...or steer.

Here we have Miss Emily trying to coax the chickens into coming closer for a visit. She poked her hand into the fence and wiggled her fingers, calling them...chickee, chickee. As soon as they started over toward her, she liked to have pulled the fence down yaking her hand out so quickly.

And the new addition to the homestead...and still unnamed officially...The Buddy Dog :o)

He is a Great Pyrenese (or however you spell never looks right to me). According to our friend who got him at his auction, he's about 3 months old. But goodness is he huge for a mere 3 months old!

Here he is with Matthew...and our blind goat...doesn't he look awfuly big for 3 months? Maybe it's just me. I'm not very familiar with their growth patterns and all. I know they are to be large dogs, but at 3 months, I guess I thought he'd be more 'puppy' sized or something.

As to being 'protection' for the goats, well, I don't know about that. He's rather skittish with them and tries to pick his places wherever they aren't. And our 'seeing' goat is a bit of a pill with other animals in her pen. She all but killed the poor black puppies that grew up with them. The male is blind in one eye and won't go near the pen now. The female always did have a bit more gumption, but even she chooses her battles with that seeing goat.

Yeah -- that one there, staring at you, with a touch of attitude....that's the seeing eye goat :o) We bought her as a companion for the blind goat. But she's full of attitude...spit and vinegar I think is the old saying. That's definitely her.


Ante Family Agrarians said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. I love that you have such a large family. Logan and I desire that if it be the Lord's will he'll bless us with a large family as well. We've repented for past sins, and are so thankful the Lord has blessed us with a way for Logan to have a vasectomy reversal in December.
Your puppy is "huge", but a nice looking dog...
Peace, Kris

Anonymous said...

There once was a stray Great Pyrenees at a friends house. It was the most gentle giant I have ever been around. Have you ever seen a full grown Pyrenees? It's like a mini horse! Your children will love it!!

Christy said...

We once had a Great Pyrenese and we got him as a 'puppy'. He never looked like a puppy though!! He got SO big. He was one of the gentlest dogs we have ever had...but he would knock the little ones over by just walking by them. Maybe he was just clumsy...or the kids were?? I'm not for sure. He was very sweet and lovable...and was a great watch dog for the farm animals. I enjoyed your pictures..thanks for sharing!! and...what a GREAT deal on the boxes of material!! I'm a little jealous. :)

Mrs Dewey Smith said...

We will keep that in our prayers, Kris.
Dewey and I once thought we could have some control over our family size. Silly and vain, I know. We have used literally everything out there in an attempt to control our family size. And for every method you can name, I'll give you the name of which child we were blessed with :o) God knew what He had planned in our family and no amount of our trying to hinder Him was going to happen. Matthew, #5, was conceived *during* our stint with the Depo Provera shot....I had my 18 month shot and they noted we had not had a physical in a while, and viola...I was pregnant! 18 months of that shot, no cycles whatsoever and here's Matthew. And, Praise The Lord, not an unhealthy breath in him from that shot!

The Lord knows His Mind, and His Plans are already in motion for everyone. I certainly join your prayers that He has a Will for you family to grow!


haflinger/brenda said...

Great pictures.. Are those boar goats? Thanks for sharing..

Anonymous said...

Hi Brenda :o)
Yes, those are boer goats. The fat one with the big ears is our blind girl, the attitude-filled one is her seeing-eye companion.

I'd like to get some more and turn them lose in the timber area to clean out the underbrush, but Dewey says no...unless I say ok we'll butcher them and eat them.

I guess it'll just be these 2 little girls out here :o) I just couldn't eat them. It took me 3 years to want to eat my own chickens! And I didn't nurse them with a bottle!


PocketsoftheFuture said...

We really want a Great Pyrenees ourselves. We have wanted one for quite a while (we even have a large door cut out of the door of our milking barn for one whenever it may arrive) and even visited a breeder just two days ago who has a puppy available. Too expensive for us just now though.

Your puppy is a normal 3 month old size! They are huge when full grown and absolutely magnificent. Interestingly I have had several people tell me that they really don't eat that much.

Introduce your puppy slowly to the goats and then it should stay with the goats full time. They are definitely outside dogs!

Enjoy your great blessing!


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