Monday, October 13, 2008

We're Moving!!! A Note For My Husband...

Yes, the decision was made this morning. A few minutes, ago, actually.

Anyone know of some land for sale somewhere? I prefer winters...real winters, not the crud slop we've had in past years. Dewey prefers mild and temperate. I'm thinking maybe Missouri, or even Kansas...oh, wait, maybe eastern Tennessee or Kentucky, in the hills. I just need some sort of winter fix each year.

Oh, for my dear husband, who is no doubt reading this thinking "what's going on?!" here is the why as to our moving...and the sooner the better...

The dogs brought us a treat -- to the front porch -- to the front steps --

And, just in case you can't get good enough reception of viewing here....let me zoom in a bit... (thank you, thank you Lord for a 34x zoom on our camera....)

Yes, that's a r....enlarged, pointy-nosed, long-tailed rodent...we don't use the 'r' word here. It's forbidden. This is one of those large mouse creatures we do not speak of out loud. (you think I'm joking -- our Rod &Staff readers have pictures of these 'r' things in them and every one of my children -- except the older smart-alec ones -- substitute the word mouse or rodent for it every time they come to it. Yes, I am no doubt messing up my children psychologically...send me the bill later.)

I am still shaking. Yes, it's dead. Goodness, I'd of had a heart attack if it had the least ounce of breathing still going on! Matthew went to dispose of the nasty thing and I'll be darned if the cat didn't fight him for it then run under the trailer! Slow children annoy me. Fast cats annoy me.

I am a homesteader fraud. Now you know my secret. It's all a sham. I'm not the rural-living sort in reality. When push comes to shove...'r' comes to my dwelling place...I'm done. I'd just as soon live in downtown New York City or Manhattan. All concrete, all the time. I know they have them too, but with the hustle ad bustle, who'd take any notice? Out here, serene rural living and all that hype, you find you have time to take notice of things such as this.

I've been here 3 years and have been blessed enough to not take notice of them. Now they are taking notice of me. Right off the front porch.

That's too much. Time to pack up and move. We moved here from Illinois with only 8 days notice. Purged and packed a full 2 story house and barns and hauled it most of it here, start to finish, in 8 days. Dewey is about a 6 hour drive, and I'm not even going to the barn or workshed to do any gathering or packing....I can have the trailer packed and loaded and meet him on the road!


Welcome said...

But it is so pretty don't you just want to make it your new house pet??

I guess that the one the cat had yesterday was about the same size.

Shall I come over and help you pack????

Sage WhiteOwl said...

OREGON RATS...and I have them to. Even one got into the house and made a home in the stove. It made such a mess so we had to take the stove outside to get it out...and then realized it had destroyed the stove with know.
The rats here are timber rats. They come down from the mts. when the loggers start to cut...(thx timber co.)
So with the dogs trying to catch them & the traps...we get a handle on them. Right now I am rat free...BUT...I know they will be back. Awww country livin', but I love it anyway!
Hang in there...I got use to them!

Anonymous said...

Ah, the joys of country living! We used to have a dog that would roam the countryside and bring home small dead animals and leave them on the porch as a "gift". I've lived without electricity or fresh running water. I just ain't tough enough! Now we live in the suburbs and I thank the Lord every days for His good gifts. If the Lord called me to I could live that way again. But He hasn't and I am ok with it.
Forgive me for laughing, but I can so relate to how you feel!

sara said...

I'm so sorry for your torment, but I had to laugh. Picturing you up on top of the table, screaming. Truth be told, I'd be right up there with ya. And don't think those creatures don't find you in the city. Whilst living in the middle of town in a busy area, a family of possums took residence in my garage, one finding it's way up through a hole in the floor and making it's nest in my stove drawer. Thinking a mouse had gotten trapped, I opened it to catch the "little" guy only to be nose to nose with a foot long possum. I still can't bring myself to use the drawer on my stove. Oklahoma has some mild winters and hot summers, so I can't say you'd enjoy it here much, although I'd love to call you

Have a blessed rat free day!

tami said...

i am like you- i want a real winter! we live in texas and it snows an inch or so i guess but we want to move to idaho for some real snow!!!
we have trouble with mice!! i HATE it!!

Brenda said...

Ugh! We have mice, but we used to see a "r_t" regularly at our birdfeeder in the backyard. Now that the cool weather is here, the mice are trying to come inside, and the last few nights our 2 cats have been VERY active upstairs! Warning, graphic material ahead: Our cats usually EAT the mouse, totally or partially (eeuw), but yesterday I found our little "gift" left at the side landing.

I had never had mice, until I moved to this house 4 years ago. When I first saw the mice, I would shriek a blood-curdling, horror movie type scream! My husband actually expected me to learn to trap the little varmints myself and to dispose of them!! Someone had to tend to them while he was away working. We bought "humane" traps that guaranteed a quick death, and I would wrap both hands in 2 or 3 layers of plastic bags to release the little corpse and put it out to garbage (yuck!)

Now we have the cats, and I'm so relieved to have them do my dirty work! LOL

You have my sympathy!
Brenda said...

Deanna first let me say you are welcome to Maine..U want winter and cold we got it. Not much in the way of jobs.
Emily is cute as a bug and so are the rest of the children. They look like they are having so much fun.
Your pumpkin patch looks good you had a good year.
And the rodent we won't go there I'm scared to death of them.
Thanks for sharing..

Veiled Glory said...

You can join the exodus northward with us. I joked with my dad that I would drive until there were no grits on the local restaurant menus. ;) My husband and I are leaving for a pre-move visit to Ohio this week. Its a zone 6...with a little winter, but no avalanches of snow. Gentle hills. Track my blog later for pics!


As Simply As We Can said...

Goodness girl - you scared me! Here I am sitting here going - I *know* she's not moving without her husband's ok! *She's* informing *him* of it on her blog?!?!?

Lol, no more heart attacks like that please. :-) (laughing)

Seriously though...rats I can deal with. I'm more freaked out by bugs. Eeewwww.

As for winters, we had wonderful real bonafide ones in Ky. And all the other seasons were lovely as well. It's a very nice state.

debbieo said...

My place is for sale. Winter, but not too much of it. 16 acres. Stop by my blog. Thats my house on the header.
Get chickens, cats, dogs, etc. and you wont have those lovely visitors.


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