Thursday, September 4, 2008

Musings...of Autumn

You know, in just a matter of a handful of weeks now, Autumn will officially start.
I get rather melancholy this time of year. Every year it's the same thing. September begins and I start thinking with excitement about things...
combines harvesting the fields,
fertilizers being spread on those large farmsteads,
cooler evenings,
the surprise of a cool breeze during the day,
air conditioners being used less and less and windows opened with softly blowing curtains around them,
apples ready to harvest,
pumpkins starting to perk p for picking,
leaves slowly beginning to turn all those magnificent colors of deep rust, brighter red, rich orange and brilliant yellow,
the gathering of firewood for that first lighting of the woodstove,
those wonderful autumn smells...ever notice how pies and breads just smell so much better, so much more homey during the autumn than they do in the summer?
the starting of school and those big yellow buses rolling along the lanes early morning. No, my children aren't riding a bus, but there is just something that touches my heart and says autumn, in a nostalgic sort of way, about those yellow buses on the road after a summers' absence.

There are preps being made everywhere it seems...
folks are finishing off larger portions of their gardens and clearing them for a winter rest,
chickens are growing and seem to know time is limited for gathering those bugs and greens before the snow flies,
barnyards are freshened and hay mows filled with the last of the hay harvest before winter.

There are just smells and actions that speak autumn all over.

But, it's a bittersweet time for me. I miss all those things I've just mentioned. I know it's all a state of mind, really, but I have not been able to wrap my mind around a changing of seasons since moving here. Everything stays so green...and so wet...this time of year around us. I can pull out the autumn colors in flowers and garlands to decorate the house and give an illusion of autumn, but it's just not in my heart. I am just too wrapped up with seasonal changes.

Yes, I have so many friends here in the South who would argue vehemently that there are changing seasons here, and there is a definite autumn. I guess my trouble is, I only know one kind of autumn in my mind. It's the only one I've ever known. It's hard to change a vision that is ingrained in a nearly-40 year old mind.

So, this weekend, we are going to try to bring autumn to the homestead. I am gathering the fall fabrics to tuck here and there on a table, along a bookcase and near an oil lamp. I'm putting up a simple garland of flowers...all those beautiful rich tones I so love this time of year. We will be doing our evening devotions with the lanterns lit instead of the regular lighting...sort of creating that cozy feeling that autumn brings with it.

My eldest daughter says that's long as I don't crank up the a/c so we all have to don sweaters and thick socks to really bring that feeling of autumn to real life!

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Dawn said...

Where do you live dear one? You mentioned that it really doesnt get fall or 'autumn' where you are.

Here in Texas it's still in the high 90's and it's still a little hard for me to stroll though Hobby Lobby or somewhere like that and see the fall stuff as it's not cool yet.
But I am getting excited. I never really decorated my house for fall, so this will be a first. :-)

Do share pictures of your home sweet home when you are done deorating!

Weekend blessings,

Verde said...

Just stopped by to say, hello. I found your site by googling, modern folks living simply. Thanks for sharing your world.

Mrs Dewey Smith said...

Hey Dawn,
We live in north Mississippi.
It rains -- that is the bulk of our seasonal changes I've seen here since relocating from northern Illinois.

I'll get some pictures up when I can.

As Simply As We Can said...

In a way, I understand what you mean. Even though I have spent the bulk of my life in one part or another of the deep south, I also lived for a time in Ohio and northern Kentucky. I have never seen an Autumn as pretty as those in Ohio. And the season changes are much more distinct there and in Ky. than here in Tn. Our Autumn and Winter does seem to consist of rain and more rain. And if we ever see any snow it's not until Feb.

I love the temperature of Autumn, but here that literally only lasts two-three weeks and then we are plunged headlong into Winter. I have literally gone to sleep here to 70 degree weather and woke up to 30. None of that ease you into the Winter months...just BAM and there you are.

Things are just starting to cool down here with highs right around 80 and lows at 60. By the end of Oct. we will have pulled our our winter wear.

Blessings to you~~~


Jeremiah 6:16
Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.

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