Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday, Monday

Guess I had a bit of a moment there with yesterday's post, didn't I? Well, that's me...full of moments.

A dear online friend is sending me her recipe for apple brownies. Looks as though the lack of a garden this year won't produce an empty pantry afterall. It might be a bit one-sided with nothing but jams and sweets, but that has it's good points, too.

I finally sold the last of the remaining school books we had here. We switched over to Rod & Staff last year and have really enjoyed them. I still had many Christian Light units here and we needed to get them off to those who could use them. I tried finding folks who could use them, but no one seemed interested, so I listed them on one of the boards I visit and sold them for $1 a piece. The last box went out in the mail today! Whew!

Now to order the remaining R&S books I need. We are going to have the entire set of Math and English here, grads 1-8 when we are finished. With some children who are on the ball with schooling I need to have the next levels on hand for them to move right into when they are ready for them. That means we still need to get the materials for 3rd grade, 5th grade, 7th grade and 8th grade.

This will seem like an excuse...and perhaps it is on some level...but laundry was done in the machine this morning. It's been hanging on the line all day while we watch for the rain that seems to be threatening. I gathered most of what we need for hand washing...we have the bucket, we have the laundry soap I made, etc. I don't have a plunger. Well, let me re-phrase that...we have plungers here. Of course we have plungers here. We're a large family, remember? However, when I mentioned needing a plunger for the laundry, the children about died. They thought I meant we would simply wash up an existing one here.

Hey, I'm country and I'm simple and fairly easy-going, but I think we'll just hold out and buy a new plunger this weekend in town :o) There's enough 'city' still left in this gal that there ain't no way I'm attempting to clean, even bleach-to-death, a used plunger for my laundry :o) No, no...I do have my lines of forbidden territory you know.

We are making some mini apple pies...or apple dumplings...tonight for dinner. No, not as a main course, although it does sound tempting to do. While cooking the tons of apples over the last couple of days here, I needed to see something else cooking, so we put 2 pork shoulders from Mr Chops into my cast iron roaster and left it for the day. We'll be shredding the remains up with a bit of gravy and having veggies and rice as a side dish. Pork isn't the healthiest food we could be eating, but we know where it came from and how it got to the freezer...and all his little piggie steps in-between. That's healthy enough for me :o)

Off to, work...

No, I do mean play. It's a mere 73 outside here today. Practically unheard of around here it seems. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL weather outside and I'm not going to miss any more of it. This is my kind of weather here now....a breeze, almost a chill in the air (well, seems that way after upper 90's!) and children waiting for something to do. Time to explore the property I guess. Maybe the snakes are off in hiding with the sudden coolness ;o) One can hope...

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