Wednesday, September 10, 2008

LeBonheur Children's Medical Center

A local radio station is one of many in our region hosting a 'telethon' for LeBonheur Children's Medical Center in Memphis, Tennessee.

I cannot say enough about this hospital and all it does for families with children in need of serious medical help.

Last year, in November, our 6 year old was severely burned by an exploding spray paint can at our burn pile in the backyard. The can exploded up into his face, his upper arms on both side, and the fronts of his legs. Our 3 year old was with him, and thankfully, suffered no more than a 'sunburn' effect from the explosion.

We spent 2 weeks in their burn unit...daily debriding, daily therapy and treatments, medicines and more.

I cannot say enough about this hospital and their staff. The time we spent there, yes, I'd rather never have been there, but we could not have received better treatment for our son anywhere else.

Jacob is doing fine now -- no lasting scar tissue, no disability from the burns at all. He gets a bit more 'red' while playing and riding his bike, but he could have suffered so much more!

Our youngest, Miss Emily, had her surgery done at LeBonheur, also. She was born with a hemangioma on her left shoulder. After nearly 2 years, she finally gained enough weight to safely have her surgery done. Her scar will be very minimal and she has no lasting damage either, depsite the depth of her hemangioma.

I pray that everyone reading this will think deeply about clicking on the LeBonheur logo above and offering a small miracle to help the many children LeBonheur serves each year....and the grateful parents who are there with them. Even a small donation would be a miracle for someone!

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