Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Around The Homestead...

This is the view straight across from our driveway...quiet and peaceful most of the time. Chock full of peepers and bullfrogs and various other nightly noise-makers....and mosquitoes the size of your foot!

I've been sewing again...and still far behind what is needed. I decided to put together a dress for myself. Today I'm working on a couple of church dresses for Miss Emily.

Just ignore the mess on the top of the cookstove there. And the fabrics do seem a bit odd, I'm sure, but in real life, they look much prettier and they blend well together -- even though they hardly seem to looking at this photo!

Here is a view from our front door, across our front deck...shhh, don't tell my husband the cat is asleep on his grill!
Truth be told -- the other assorted cats and kittens had come running for the door as I opened it. Mr Lazy Bones here, chose to keep his cherished spot rather than follow the crowd!

And the youngers playing in the front yard...

That is Miss Emily and her, partner in crime...big brother, David.


Veiled Glory said...

The children are soooo sweet! The dress and pinafore or apron look great together. Good work!

sara said...

I think the colors of your new dress look wonderful together! And your children just look precious. I love Miss Emily's bonnet. Have a blessed day!

Mrs Dewey Smith said...

Thank you --now if you think they look good in the picture, you'd really like them in real life. Even my daughter commented on how they didn't look the same in the photo as they do in real life.

I like them, though. And seeing as I sort of forgot the bodice darts and the dress is rather large even on me, the pinafore works very nicely indeed :o) I should just go back and add a bit of a dart in, though.

As Simply As We Can said...

I like the way the dress looks too. The pinafore material would make a really cute kitchen apron. I like materials with small patterns like that. So many things now days have these big, bright look at me type of pattarns on the material and I just can't stand that.

Brenda said...

I think your dress is beautiful! I love the color and the style. The two different patterns look just fine to me...the apron over the dress will be a great help to preserve modesty--the same principle as the Amish/Mennonite "cape" dresses, I suppose. It's good that you can sew for yourself and your family, since the stores don't carry much that's suitable. Here in Canada, you can't even find any dresses at WalMart! I buy most of my clothes at the second-hand shops. By the way, your son and daughter look adorable!

Mrs Dewey Smith said...

Thank you -- don't let the cuteness of David and Emily mislead you...they have their moments same as the next :o) Yesterday they were sneaking in the kitchen to pick the raisins out of the pumpkin cake we made! Poor cake looks a little like swiss cheese now!

Normally our standard dress is a cape style dress. But, I am always wearing aprons and here in Mississippi, it's so humid and hot all year, the added layer of the cape with an apron about does me in. I'm very hot-natured, not to mention having the bouncing hormones of 10 pregnancies :o)

Either way, we make a plain button-front bodice dress now, from Candle on The Hill. The Country Classic or something like that. I have to tweak it a bit -- and remember to put those darts in so I don't look as though I've stolen a tent to wear!

Deanna said...

Deanna great pictures..They are all good.. Now David and Emily are so cute.. How is he doing?
Your dress and apron look great is that the canning apron? Thanks for sharing..

Christy said...

oh....beautiful pictures!! I love the dress!!! Thank you for sharing!! Have a wonderful weekend!


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