Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Another Note...

I was told about a wonderful little quilt shop near us yesterday. It's simple name is "Quilt Gallery" on Hwy 30 at Burton. They have quilts in store, as well as quilts made to order. I imagine I will be green with envy walking in and seeing all the beautiful designs.

But the part I'm looking forward to is the fabrics. They have a good couple hundred bolts of 100% cottons. Prints and solids both. My friend was there as a large van of Amish ladies came in from Pontotoc to shop for winter fabric needs.

Hmmm...guess that means I'm behind on the sewing now as well.

Here is the list of Need-To-Do's here on the homestead:

-- trim and edge around barn and fences
-- clear out all dog areas
-- clear goat pen
-- clear chicken coop and run
-- freshen all animals bedding
-- general clean up before rainy season hits
-- check hay count and pick up more if needed
-- get busy sewing for winter needs!
The list is simple -- 4 dresses/aprons, 2 coverings, nightgown, slip/bloomers
4 pants/shirts, 2 vests for church, pajama sets
-- get pasta made up/stored
-- get flowers planted in mailbox bed
-- clean up burn areas and block around (border with cinder blocks)
-- get clothesline set up on porch for rainy days
-- replenish lamp oil supplies and clean oil lamps
-- start thinking Christmas needs for family

Certainly not all-inclusive, but it's a start. I need to plan out what I'm doing for my grandmother as well. For her 80th birthday, my cousin and I put together a family tree wall hanging for her. It's lacking about 5 of my children, though it was correct at the time. Well, that wall hanging has caused some grief I hear. She isn't sure who should get it when she passes...myself or my cousin. Personally, it doesn't matter to me, but apparently it's causing some stress for Grandma, so next year, for her 90th birthday, I'm thinking of doing another wall hanging for her. Some sort of 'Journey Quilt' for her -- embroider her birth state and information, her home state for much of her life, a miniature family tree listing...all embroidered and quilted, but simple. I boast no skills for quilting at all, though I am passable with other needlearts. I just need to gather my plans and lay them out so I can get started. Hey -- that new fabric shop will come in handy, now won't it?!

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Ok...off to schooling and the sewing machine. I do have some things cut and ready to sew. I need to start with the boys' pants. Goodness...does anyone know WHY buttons have such a difficult time staying on broadfalls? My boys pop a button just about daily, I kid you not! I' about ready to GLUE them on!

Hey D....you like buttons just for the sake of being buttons? We ought to have a button swap :o) I have 3 fishing tackle boxes full of various buttons (those flat ones with the dividers in them) plus my most used colors sitting in salsa jars on the sewing shelf. Got to admit, some are just plain ugly and I've no idea what I'll ever use them on, but it's addictive! I love buttons!

(I apologize for the misspellings all over the pages here. My computer seems to be getting sticky keys lately...sometimes I get multiple letters, sometimes it simply skips some here and there. Joys of technology, I suppose. Honestly, though, I have higher than a third grade education...it just doesn't seem like it some days!)


As Simply As We Can said...

Oh good golly I don't have that many - but I'm working on it! Spent some time last night going through B's old clothes snipping and snipping at the buttons, lol. You just never know when you'll need something! My sister says that's a "Great Depression mentality." Gah...we'll see where she heads when the time comes, but I digress...

I'm going to go check out some of those links you listed. Isn't Becky's farm site wonderful?? I'm addicted to it, lol.

Hearts And Home said...

Just found your blog and I am enjoying it so much!

Christy said...

I love your blog!! It is very encouraging and inspirational for living a simple life!! I will be back to visit real soon!! :)


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