Tuesday, April 3, 2018

It's a long story...isn't it always?

Edited: finally shared this draft that had been hiding in the blog queue...almost a full year after I wrote it :-(

The planner is still pretty full here. Not with as much "running around" as with just plain stuff...reminders of a few appointments coming up, changes to be made or reminders of those I've already made a month or two back, and lots of school work for myself as well as the kids. I'm trying to be more efficient. It's not exaclty working yet because planning tends to go against my grain, but I persist nonetheless.

I had a short notice client visit scheduled (I'm hardly the only one who is busy day to day) so 3 days out I started stressing over how prepared I really was for it. I know the exercises, I know the labor tips, I know the Myles Circuit, etc. I have a birth bag packed and ready...what exactly I want or need for sure in there is still up in the air, but honestly, a Doula can get by with just showing up when needed. Our main resource is our mind, our heart, and our hands :-)

I started sorting thru some printouts I had here with good old fashioned basic information...typical labor progression, light and healthy snacks, some exercise photo sheets, and you know me...LOTS of other stuff...because I am pre-wired to be crazy and overwelming sometimes.

Ok, it's most of the time.

This was how the day progressed...
I went in and got Liam at 7am. Nothing strange there, it happens every morning. I got back home and beat myself to death with the informational overload again...you know, so I could triple-double check everything and not forget something. I finished enough of the website that I was comfortable publishing the starting version (still very 'stock' filled and in need of personalization, but it's up nonetheless and I'll post the link below). Boom, it was already going on 10am and I HAD to hit the road. So, birth ball, peanut ball, binder of overload, birth bag stuff, purse and iPad in hand, off to the car I go. Ready to take on anything and everything prenatally birth related.

Then I started the van. The resulting sound was not what it should be. I flipped the key back off. Yep...the gold cat bolted out of the wheel area and took off across the yard. The kids ran after him and I popped my hood.

All winter long those cats outside haven't been near my car. Yesterday (and this morning and tomorrow morning...crazy southern weather) we awoke to a deep cold spell and a lot of wind. Apparently me going in to get Liam earlier made my warm engine the perfect spot for a napping cat.  The cat btw, was fine, albeit a little smudged on his leg and totally freaked out. He was given a lot of love and extra dose of food and checked over well.

The van however, didn't fare so well.

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