Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Season Ahead

I struggled with a post title. I am not particularly good at keeping a single focus with the posts, in case that point has escaped you, LOL. I have followed many great bloggers who have these great posts that stay true to specific area but alas, I'm simply not wired that way. I don't live a very focused life and it's not part of my DNA to write that way I suppose.

That's not to say I'm always flying hither and yon without direction. Ok, maybe I do sometimes, but the point here isn't the same, LOL. I have a lot of LIFE around me everyday here. You would think, with less children around the homestead, and with them being older, my LIFE would settle a bit more. Not at all true. I couldn't force a truism out of that concept if you offered me a million dollars. Life has not settled an inch around here. If anything it has taken some twists and turns that have made more hills and upheavals than settled anything.

But I imagine that is simply the nature of the beast itself, right? Life isn't meant to be easy flowing and without a bump here and there. And how you follow the path has a lot ot do with the amount, and size, of bumps you encounter. Seems I have been following quite a bumpy path though. I'm ready for some flat land and pretty scenery I think.

We have teen attitudes here. Ha, no news there, right? Really though, they are increasing at a rate I was not at all prepared for. Having 4 others already move thru these same days, you'd think I'd be more equipped for them. That is not the case here apparently. The current 2 in that realm are going to be lucky to see the coming adulthood if things keep jumping the rails as they are. Or I will be bald as a bird egg, sitting in a corner rocking back and forth on my knees, humming show tunes while I color pretty pictures. Either scenario is likely at this stage.

We need to make some changes. That is hard for me. Sure, I make changes all the time around here. It's almost an addiction for me to be discontented with surroundings and such and make changes...ask poor Man of the Homestead who comes home to a different looking house on a regular basis as I relocate furniture and even entire rooms here. There's no sneaking in late with the lights off around here...you could well walk into a wall of bookcases or a dining table that were not there in the light of day.

The changes I am seeing in the fringe shadows are more in the nature of daily routines and overall Family Plan.  Funny how I type that and some wayward butterfly outside goes past a window and attracts the dogs attention and they go berserk. They...the rescue addiction I have...need to be addressed. Soon. I know we have too many here. Knowing that doesn't really help much. They are here because they were throw-aways, or dumped because of illness or injury. I could no more turn them out from our home and family than I could my own children. I have no solution for that rock in the road I'm on.

Man of the Homestead will be looking at a different job source soon. My vision of different job source and his are still not on the same page. He looks for things like better insurance, more pay and the like to provide for his family. I look for things like less hours, and those hours being much closer to home. The nature of his work will never allow him to be home for long. There just isn't that type of industry base around here. The new job opportunity does provide more pay per hour and will have insurance that is far more affordable than what we have now. But it is still travel based, though the initial job offering would be close enough for weekends home. Thing is these jobs aren't long term. Once they are built and running, it's over and time to move to the next one...which could be way out of state. To me, it's just a lateral move. To him, it's better pay and insurance.

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Yvonna said...

I'm getting the teen attitude from both and Daddy is the cool dude that took them fishing yesterday. :/


Jeremiah 6:16
Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.

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