Monday, March 7, 2016

Hectic, Crazy Active Life around this homestead...

I need more time in The Word.

Don't we all, right?

I'm getting far too busy and pushing the time aside to get at it 'later'. But later is proving to be just as difficult to attain as everything else. There is no 'later' in our lives. What is the old saying...never put off til tomorrow what you can do today? That has so much truth in it. Maybe even moreso when you are talking about getting closer to The Lord and soaking in His Word, cultivating that deep relationship you know you should have.

I sit here still not having caught up on last week's reading. Really, I am still lingering in the beginning chapters of Numbers, truth be told. And I cannot at all say it is because of deep study I am doing. It's not that at all. 

I have driven to Illinois 3 times now in the past 2 weeks. It is a long, tiring drive. I love driving actually, and I enjoy a visit up north as often as I can. The only difference I can see in these trips is they were, for the most part, unplanned. About 8 weeks ago I drove the 16 year old up there to go thru some Boot Camp that didn't just involve Mom being the 'bad guy'. Her older sister worked with her on changing some of the attitude-filled manners I was tired of dealing with. Yes, I had a bad momma feeling about dumping my teen with her sister and not taking the reigns myself in getting rid of the attitude. I also saw very clearly that I was not getting anywhere with the attitude issues, and that one of us was not going to be at all pleased with any outcome I may push forward. So, guilt aside, I unceremoniously threw her and her collected stuff in the car and drove her north. As a mom you do what you have to do I guess, and just take in the guilty feelings and live with them.

She is back now, but of course, the others wanted their trip north, and my Grandmother requested they visit. Like I said last week, when the 96 year matriarch of the family requests specifically for a visit, you don't tarry. I gathered 2 children up, drove north, had a mini vacation of my own, and returned with the attitude one. I am still reeling in chaos from those few days away from home. And I have been back up there since, exchanging those 2 children for 2 others.

And I will be back there again this weekend, collecting those 2 children and coming home. I fully imagine that I will be chest deep in the chaos of not being home much lately for the rest of this month. 

Why is it so hard to get into a routine, but so easy to cast it aside?

For those who are managing to keep a bit more on top of their reading, here is the schedule for this week. We are (should be...) completing Numbers and moving into Deuteronomy.  I shall follow from behind for a bit longer I believe. I would like to get caught up quickly because I enjoy the book of Deuteronomy.
 "Deuteronomy is one of the greatest books of the Old Testament. Its influence on the domestic and personal religion of all ages has not been surpassed by any other book in the Bible. It is quoted over eighty times in the New Testament and this it belongs to a small group of four Old Testament books [the others being Genesis, Psalms, and Isaiah] to which the early Christians made frequent reference." (Thompson)

Numbers 31-32
Numbers 33-34
Numbers 35-36
Deuteronomy 1-2
Deuteronomy 3-4
Deuteronomy 5-7
Deuteronomy 8-10

 Here are some links to share: has a nice paragraph by paragraph insight into Deuteronomy worth looking at also has a nice commentary and study on the book of Deuteronomy
Blue Letter Bible has a good commentary
Bible Study Tools has a good reading of Deuteronomy

What else have I been up to besides driving? I have started restocking the herbal salves and tinctures here so we are ready for the spring farm market. I ran out of the 2oz tins so I'm at a stand still while I wait for the next shipment to arrive. We have a great All Purpose Salve (think herbal neosporin) ready for sale, as well as our Arthritis Rub and Deep Muscle Rub. The current tinctures are few, but I've got more going. We currently use the Elderberry, the Immunity Boost, and the Snooze tinctures here. I haven't made many more yet...I just can't see trying to sell you something I haven't actually used and found truly helpful myself. Not that I wish any illnesses on my homestead or yours, but until I've put some use into other tinctures, this is all I've got :-)
You can visit the Hands and Hearts Farm "shop" blog...though be warned I am woefully behind on updating that. I thought it might be better to separate the sale goodies from the regular blog here, but I never think to go there to update :-(
Bad sales blogger, I know.
Truth be told, I'm not at all better with keeping the updates posted at the Facebook page either. I'm more a word-of-mouth person I guess.

And there's been baking...though this isn't a recent photo. A WONDERFUL FRIEND got me a great deal on a new KitchenAid Commercial 8 qt mixer and I have been dying to get busy with it. Sadly, it arrived the day before I was heading up north...and the days in-between trips have been so hectic and tiring...I have yet to use it. That will be changing very soon!! Still, we have to eat around here, so there's been bread baked, and another batch of the bulk muffin mix made to fill our 2 gallon jar. We have made chocolate chip muffins, french breakfast puffs (dipped in butter and cinnamon sugar...yum!) and I plan to grab some dried or frozen fruits next to add in some. It is truly an all purpose muffin mix! Mellywood Mansion also has a bread baking mix I'm wanting to try.

Our over all game plan here is to get ready to hit the farm market stand this spring with a few handmade items from the sewing machine, as well as our herbal salves, and of course, some delicious baked goods. Best laid plans and all, we shall see how it all fits together with the day to day busy-ness around here.

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