Sunday, February 14, 2016

Walking Thru Scripture: Leviticus reading

Here are this week's reading chapters and a couple of commentary/reference sites you might find useful. If you have any favorite sites, I'd love to hear about them so I can pass them along to our study group. Please share a comment with us.

Also, please remember that not every one is "on the same path" so to speak in terms of some of the things spoken of in this particular book. That sounds a bit off, I'm sure, but I hope you understand what I mean. A lot of people simple gloss over the lessons to be found in this book because they are not something commonly taught on in even the strictest Biblical teaching church these days. Let;s share our thoughts, but remember that some are deeper in their study than others and may not fully understand all that is shared in this book.

This week's reading:
Lev. 5-7
Lev. 8-10
Lev. 11-13
Lev. 14-15
Lev. 16-18
Lev. 19-21
Lev. 22-23

Bible Reference Guide for Leviticus
Matthew Henry Complete Commentary 

Here's some notes from our home church lessons this morning on the subject of discipline. We will touch more of this topic thru our weekly morning devotions.

We touched on the discipline of body and mind over the flesh. The Old Man vs the New Man in Christ. We read some verses in 1 Corinthians 9 about keeping under the body, having a higher standard against sin, about saying no to yourself and getting control of the flesh, whether it be in eating too much, or eating the wrong things, buying things on a whim, no control over over ourselves in any area. We also read in Daniel 10, and in Proverbs 23. The kids and I talked about the way the world pampers the flesh, how media caters to the wants and not necessarily to the needs.
We talked about how the New Testament is the fulfillment of Christ. Every TRUTH in the NT has at least one example (almost all have multiple examples) in the Old Testament to "explain" that Truth.

And we talked about the disciplines that we must have in our lives every day...
Meditation...not always needing noise, but needing to have quiet time to fully think on the things that God wants us to hear. That still, small voice.
Prayer...not only praying when some need arises, but to spend time every day in prayer, planning our time and even our prayers.
Sleep...we run in circles in life, chasing our tails as it were all too often. We need to, and can learn to, get the sleep we need. Adding minutes or subtracting them, sleeping too much or not enough. It's a matter of teaching ourselves discipline/
Eating...a huge thing in a lot of lives. We eat too much, we eat constantly, or not hardly at all, choosing sugar and snacks over wholesome, decent foods.
Fasting...not only the fasting of food, but the fasting of things that create stumbling blocks in our lives. Perhaps the internet, or Facebook, or watching movies, listening to music, reading books but not Scripture, etc. Anything that can create a hill in the road that slows you down from hearing and seeking Christ daily.


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Jeremiah 6:16
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