Friday, January 1, 2016

Walking Thru The Scriptures Study


I’m probably more guilty than most of not turning off the noise of the day. I get busy with tedious things and I roll along in total Martha fashion, doing just one more thing, in my day …or even several days…busying myself with silly tasks without giving anything of real importance a second thought.
Despite my aversion to New Year’s Resolutions, this is actually a goal I have set for myself this year: to walk thru the Scriptures in a chronological order, from the creation of all in Genesis, to the resolution of all things to come to us in The Kingdom in Revelation. With that in mind. I started a Facebook group this morning titled Walk Thru Scripture. You can visit me on my facebook page and message me for an invite. I will also be sharing the reading and open discussion here on the blog weekly as well. Follow and join whichever way you are more comfortable J
We will not be following any particular time frame or reading plan, just a chronological reading plan. There are so many online, and really, God traveled one path, so they are all pretty much the same. Everyone is free to choose the chronological plan they like, as well as use whichever version they prefer. I have a chronological study bible here in New King James that will be my primary resource, but feel free to join along with whatever version you find most suited for your reading.
Let’s go…here’s one week of a selected chronological reading plan for you. The full, downloadable PDF file can be found here at Diving Deeper Ministries.


Week 1: __1 Genesis 13
              __2 Genesis 47
              __3 Genesis 811
              __4 Job 15
              __5 Job 69
              __6 Job 1013
              __7 Job 1416
              __8 Job 1720
              __9 Job 2123
Week 2: __10 Job 2428
               __11 Job 2931
               __12 Job 3234
               __13 Job 3537
               __14 Job 3839
               __15 Job 4042
               __16 Genesis 1215
Week 3:__17 Genesis 1618
              __18 Genesis 1921
              __19  Genesis 2224
          __20  Genesis 2526
          __21  Genesis 2729
          __22  Genesis 3031
          __23  Genesis 3234
          __24  Genesis 3537
Week 4:__25  Genesis 3840
                 __26  Genesis 4142
                 __27 Genesis 4345
                 __28 Genesis 4647
                 __29 Genesis 4850
                 __30 Exodus 13
                 __31 Exodus 46

I look forward to sharing thoughts and personal gleanings with everyone! And I will be sure to post the reading schedule for February on time!

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Stephen Tuck said...

I'll be interested to read along. I always find I learn something of value from listening to brothers and sisters in other denominations.


Jeremiah 6:16
Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.

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