Thursday, September 19, 2013

Around the Homestead as Autumn comes...

We are heading into the final week of this year's Term 1 here. We fell behind on the beginning, but we managed to get back on track. I have a few scheduling changes for Term 2 based on the lesson learned as we stumbled thru Term 1 :-)

These are some cute stiff felt, 3D pumpkins we are decorating with this year. I LOVE fall, and I LOVE fall decorating! I share this closer look at these because a couple friends on Facebook wanted to see them better. I'm sure they could easily be crafted with poster board, card stock, maybe even fun foam.

We had a couple days and nights of gloriously cool autumn teasing here. I was in heaven with the low 70s for temps, and early morning upper 40s...but, our spoiled rotten chihuahua was not. She was under foot constantly, waiting for the moment someone would sit and she could claim their lap for herself. She snuggled under Abbey's hoodie during breakfast, under my apron all during school, and Matt's lap, tucked between him and the arm of the couch, in the evening. I took the hint...she has her first new sweater for the season now.

I love mums. Hopefully these will take off and fill in the washtub :-)

Meatballs. Big ol' lemon sized, homemade meatballs...

One of the trail hikes...we have many more ahead as the cooler temps make the longer hikes more enjoyable.

Another step ahead into autumn...we have fence lines to clear for running new fences, we are planning a hayride as soon as we get the tractor tire repaired, hopefully a good season of goat babies ahead...I need to get some goat sweaters ready for the stash, which will get my fingers anxious for more yarnwork and sewing, so that To-Do list will grow as well.
We have to prepare space for a full steer coming to the freezer this winter, I've ordered another 160# of boneless/skinless chicken breasts from Zaycon Foods ( 
There will be apples in at the farm market soon and I hope to put up some apple pie filling for this winter's treats, as well. All in all, I'd say we will be well set for at least meats around here :-) May need another freezer!

We have discovered...ok, we're lazy, we knew what a mess we were making...that recipes we use don't always get placed back in their section in the big binder, and it's a hassle to find something particular when you need it. So, to freshen up the kitchen routine for Fall, I am going to revamp the master recipe binder. I am probably going up to a 4", but we'll see. I have so many notes and such tucked in my binder, I could simply separate all the extras from the actual recipes and be good with my 3" size. I have monthly stock-up lists, storage life lists, basics, bulk amounts, etc. in there, then recipes...breakfasts, breads, snacks, desserts, bulk sized recipes, canning/preserving, household (soaps, cleaners, etc), herbal basics, main dishes, divided into beef, chicken, ham/pork, casseroles....

Hello. My name is Deanna and I have a cookbook addiction...

I need to get my organization back on track in this area. Yeah, ALL areas. But I can easily whip this area of disarray into shape in short order, so there's where I'll begin. Then maybe I can organize the yarn stash...and the fabric stash...and the scrap stash that's awaiting projects like quilt squares, doll clothes, and more.

Always something on a homestead, but this time of year, my entire spirit is renewed. I recharge my batteries this time of year. It is my foundation for the entire year. The coolness of the days and nights, the beauty of the seasonal changes, the harvesting of fields, the preparing of the soil for winters' rest...the rich, deep colors of pumpkins, colored leaves, dried corn stalks, popped-open cotton fields awaiting harvest, that autumn-specific steel gray the sky takes on as the days grow shorter toward winter.

I thrive on these scenes. I crave this season to the depths of my soul. I cannot imagine a life without an Autumn season.


Stephanie said...

You at least have a binder for your recipes etc. Mine are written on scrap paper, and if I am lucky, tucked in my "go to book" Fanny Farmer. Most times they aren't though. Good thing I put the most important ones on my blog or I would never find them lol.

Greg and Donna said...

Hi, I'm Donna and I too have a cookbook addiction! I love cookbooks! Fall is a great time of year ~ hope you enjoy it and make lots of pumpkin-y crafts! Your schoolroom/table looks quite cozy with everyone busy with their work!

Anonymous said...

Oh can you share the meatball recipe,,,,Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease LOL

Anonymous said...

LOL Stephanie , I finally added all of my recipes in a binder lol

Anonymous said...

tytyty for sharing the meatball recipe :)


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