Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Grandmother's Hope Chest Plan...

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 Ok, obviously I am a bit past the stage for my own hope chest here. However, my hope can be redirected into a new hope chest...a Grandmother's Hope Chest.
There are countless resources out there for preparing a hope chest for marriage and setting up home keeping. And hope chests shouldn't be limited to just the girls. Boys have just as much need for home and marriage preparation as girls do, although perhaps building a chest to hold those things isn't of such fanciful dreams for the boys, heh?  Tools, basic skill books in plumbing, electrical, car repair, small engine repair, etc. are perfect for the boys.

The Hope Chest Society (PDF) group information. Very similar to a Keepers at Home group, where girls can learn the skills that were once commonplace for young ladies and have been a bit forgotten in today's tech-involved world.
The Keeping Home retail store. A great resource for books, patterns, information and more geared toward planning and filling the hope chest.
Miss Abigail's Hope Chest blog of ideas and sharings on hope chest items
My Hope Chest Journey blog
Feelin' Feminine shares a lot of great information and encouragement, as well as a weekly topic on Hope Chests

Free Chest Plans

Great ideas, and well worth the time and encouragement to put together. My thoughts are there still (with 7 children still at home and the youngest being 5 years old...) but I am also looking ahead to the things a Grandmother might want to have available. Ideally, you willl have little odds and ends saved from each child's birth and childhood, special toys, blankets, sweaters and so on. These will be passed down from each child to their own children. But what if you don't have a large stash of goodies for each child? What if they didn't start their own hope chest and set aside some homemade blessings for themselves?

I want to have things made and ready for use. Nothing 'fancy'...I don't know the first thing about heirloom sewing, smocking or other delicate and pretty sewing...but some crocheted sweaters, booties, bonnets, some crocheted lace trims for baby blankets that  I may or may not sew myself, baby afghans, soft toys, sewn clothing, wraps and the like, even lace trims for wedding accessories.

I have a multitude of crochet patterns stashed away for all manner of baby items, but my sewing patterns are a bit scarce for the infant set. So, that is where my mind is moving these days. I am on the hunt for patterns to sew for infants...kimono wraps, diaper shirts, of course cloth diapers and covers, and more.

Any pattern ideas to share? Great online links for resources that might be helpful, etc. Share away please!


Greg and Donna said...

I can smock ~ you can crochet booties and baby sweaters..lets work out a deal! My first grandbaby will be born in July!

Missy said...

Glad to see some posts. What a wonderful idea! I have 4 girls. My twins are 13, one just turned 12, and one is 10. I also have a 2 year old son. My husband is building hope chests for the girls. He's learning as he goes! We've already started collecting things for them. I sometimes pick up things from the thrift store that are really nice. I really like the idea of a Grandmother's hope chest. I still have some of the things from when they were babies to start with. Thanks again for the great post.

Sharmayne said...

Deanna, This is such a simple, yet great idea! Whilst our daughter has a hope chest (now full) & I have things saved to pass on - I don't have a "special" spot to put them. I've got lots of fabric suited for grandchildren, but not made up ahead of time. I even have an old fashioned chest here (curretnly full of material stashes). Yep, definately falling in love with this idea :) Hugs Sharm


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