Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Little House on The Prairie books for sale!!!

Yesterday I received a gift catalog from a company and before tossing it, I flipped thru it.  I've no idea how it ended up in my name, but I only use catalogs like Fifi's and the like for idea inspiration...not purchasing ideas.

But this catalog yielded a foodie that I will be purchasing. And I thought you might be interested as well.

ABC Distributing...http://www.abcdistributing.com has the original 9 Little House on The Prairie books for a great price!  The full set, original Garth Williams drawings and all, is just $26.95 plus shipping. It appears merchandise shipping on that price is a whopping $9.95 though. That still makes the set a pretty good price when you look around....unless you find a great sale elsewhere.

You can order online: http://www.abcdistributing.com

By mail and money order: ABC Distributing PO Box 905 Deerfield IL 60015-0905

Or by phone: 847-615-7366

The product number for the complete Little House on The Series boxed set is 653033-1LHS

Blessings from Hands and Hearts Farm!


Anonymous said...

I saw this same set in a Lakeshore catalog I received and thought it was good too - in fact in looking at ABC, I think they and Lakeshore are one in the same. Same price and all. Was thinking of ordering it for my niece.

Dana said...

Thank you for sharing this!!!

I bought a little house set from a Scholastic Book order form that the kids brought home from school a couple years ago and it wasn't the Garth Williams illustrated one, it was a newer version and it hardly had illustrations at all, at least not as many as the original ones by Garth Williams.
I went ahead and ordered this set, thanks so much for posting this!!


CrankyPuppy said...

Thanks for posting this, as I've got this on my Christmas list. It looks like it's on sale at Amazon for $29.69 with free shipping, so would be a little cheaper. I love Little House, both the books and the TV series, and can't wait to read the book again. Haven't read them since I was in grade school!

Dana said...

The set I ordered just came in the mail!!! Thanks again so much for sharing the links!!!


Dana said...

Totally off topic but would you mind sharing the pattern number or where I can find the pattern if its free down load to make the boxer underpants that you make for your boys?? I want to order some fabric to make my boys a quillow for Christmas and I am hoping to have enough of the fabric to make each of them a pair of boxers. The fabric is pricy but it is themed after a show they love so I want to get as much milage out of it as I possibly can!!



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