Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Reading: Little House on The Prairie series

Pack your wagons! We're heading west!

Yes, we are going to work through the Little House on The Prairie series again this summer.  We love the books, and between the direction given by The Prairie Primer, and the great efforts of We Love The Prairie Primer blog, we'll get even more out of it, adding in plenty of YouTube clips, fun biography searches, arts and crafts. There is even a great Facebook Group you might be interested.

There are a few folks joining along as we go, so I've set up our homeschool blog to make it easier to find the various weeks and notes we will be using.  I will post the over-all reading assignments, via the direction of The Prairie Primer, soon and perhaps we can get started by the end of the month. If you'd rather, the homeschool blog is a Networked Blog, so you can follow along via Facebook as well.

You are welcome to follow along, and please share your own notes and ideas for projects and field trips, vocabulary, crafts and more for each book.


little homestead in the mountains said...

That sounds like so much fun!! I read all of Laura Ingles Wilders books a million times when I was growing up and my mom and dad even took me to one of her homes ( cant remember now where it was) but I just adore her and her books! I will for sure be following along!

Anonymous said...

we are waiting for our prairie primer to arrive in the mail!!

Anonymous said...

i was blessed to find the Little House on the Prairie Cookbook and it has prompted me to begin reading the books to my daughter again.

I am really looking forward to this.

Thank you for sharing.



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