Friday, March 11, 2011

Study Guide for Book of Virtues - Shiver Academy

This incredible sharing is a tremendous 992 page study guide for William Bennett's Book of Virtues. Lapbook elements, word/spelling lists, copywork and so much more!

Lesson Plan Information Twinklemom has offered a laid out schedule for The Book Of Virtues–Elementary Level. This schedule is a very basic schedule forcusing on the 10 virtues listed in BOV. (Book of Virtues). She has a place where you can type in the readings you would like to cover, Copywork, even has a suggestion for a memory Bible Verse and some optional suggested readings. Such as parables that would fit in with the unit’s theme. I am not sure what exactly this is–but I believe it is available on line. Keep in mind this is intended for the primary grades. Her children are truly in the YOUNG bracket. So if you are looking for something for a grade 7 study, this would not be it.

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