Sunday, January 9, 2011

This Week's Homeschool Freebies:

Monday, Jan 10th:

HOW LOTS OF STUFF IS MADE (streaming videos)

It's a fun video day at homeschoolfreebieoftheday, as we feature
some modern and vintage clips on how stuff like peanut butter,
skis, chocolate, light bulbs, and bicycles get made. Hey, we even
have guest commentary from Woody Allen, Jonathan Winters &
Joanne Worley. Don't miss the show!


Tuesday, Jan 11th:

How to Play the Piano By Ear: A Simple Home Study Course  gives
you the quickest and easiest way to learn to play the piano by
ear... while, in the process, learning most everything you'll
need to know about musical notation "as you go".  It is a
wonderful, motivating, accessible "how to" manual that many top
pianists once used to perfect their piano playing. (And even if
you're already playing the piano by note, you'll benefit
immensely from investigating what ear playing can contribute
to your further progress.) Normally $14.95, but not today!


Wednesday, Jan 12th:
DRAWING FOR BEGINNERS, by Dorothy Furniss (PDF ebook)

This classic book by Dorothy Furniss is a wonderful introduction
to drawing, well written and nicely illustrated. Included are
chapters on sketching from life and from your imagination,
sketching people and animals, perspective drawing, drawing tools,
and much more. Probably not as many illustrations as you could ask
for, but the text is every bit as good - if not better - than most
modern "how to" drawing guides.


Thursday, Jan 13th:
It's a SNOW DAY!

So... let's learn all about snowflakes, listen to stories about
some amazing snow events, make some snow crafts, and a lot more
"cool stuff" in today's collection of snow-oriented resources!


Friday, Jan 14th:
SLOW AND SAVORY SUPPERS: A Natural Slow Cooker Cookbook (PDF ebook)

This excellent, well illustrated slow cooker cookbook by Angela Coffman
31 slow cooker recipes to save time and money, as well as helpful tips and
slow cooker basics to help any home chef create great time saving dishes.


You can find each of these resources on their respective days
this week at:

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