Friday, January 7, 2011

BlogShare: Art, Like Bread

Stephanie shared this at Facebook and I love it! What a great tip. After making all those potholders and table pads, dishcloths and washcloths from cotton and the like, when I grabbed plain 'ol RedHeart for something else it was like stitching with baling twine! It just seemed so much more 'thick' and 'stiff' and anything but soft and comfortable! I can't wait to try this....I have a shawl on the hook now!

(...) :::So let me tell you (step by step) what I did to make my scratchy scarf buttery smooth.

Thanks to Leslie on Crochetbug for the Red Heart in vinegar tip!

1.  Soak the scarf for 20 min in a cold vinegar solution.  (Ratio of 1:64, vinegar to water should do.)

2.  Rinse

3.  Hand wash in cold water with shampoo. Do not agitate.

4.  Rinse twice

5.  Gently massage in a generous amount of hair conditioner into each part until it is saturated.

6.  Let sit 10 min.

7.  Soak saturated scarf in cold water for at least an hour. 

8.  Rinse twice.

9.  Gently get rid of excess water by lightly squeezing, and rolling in a towel.

10. Block garment by laying flat to dry.

I used cheap Suave shampoo and conditioner for this, and not only is my scarf like buttah, it also smells like apples. :::

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