Monday, December 6, 2010

Mondays are for.... far, not much.

I need to sew.  I need to be baking some cookies.  I need to....just too many things.  Where to begin...that is the dilemma.

Dewey and Christopher are here all week.  That's great....but for the total disruption of even the loose schedule we were operating on here. We have things that need done while he's home, so obviously those things take priority, but still....I guess as it took some time getting used to him not being here, it will take some time getting a groove back with him home.  Chris goes back to Ft. Smith next week for work, and Dewey has to go to the shop Friday...don't know if he's back home then or what's going on.

I have the bills laid out and the game plan made to pay off the December month this week just in case it's the last paycheck for the month.  With him home this week, the check due at Christmas would only be a week anyway, so may as well do my pay-outs now.  I am hoping to stretch it as much as I can as I'm still wanting to get another 10 round bales, and I'd feel more comfortable knowing I had a couple more cords of wood in place waiting for use just in case the temps keep on like they are.  This week is cold finally.  We have low 20's overnight and barely 40 daytime.  It has finally stayed cold night and day consecutively that the house needs to have the stoves going to keep the chill off.

I have finished 2 of the hooded scarves -- absolute dead basic in design but practical enough for our needs.  I have nightgowns cut waiting to sew for Christmas; PJ pants finished.  The girls and I put together 2 simple patchwork doll quilts for the youngers, again dead basic in design there.  I have 12 dolls cut out so they will each have a set of 4. The Magic Bean has several free patterns linked up if you're looking for a rag doll.  i need to be working on a couple of shirts for Dewey (shhhhhh...) but he's HERE and that makes it rather difficult because he's nosey :o) And I don't like to stay up late at night skulking about the house with cats and dogs and trying to sew.  I'm just weird that way, I know.

We have a HUGE pot of chili on the stove.  I have a big pot of northern and navy beans soaking for a ham soup tomorrow.  We have hamburgers for the grill, and some whole chickens for the smoker later this week as well.  That, and some clean-up around here pretty much makes up the check list of this Monday.  The menfolk had the joy of man-handling a bale through the center of the barn for Malachi this morning too.  Of course, it was one of the easiest man-handling tasks to's pretty much ALL downhill - a plus when trying to make a round bale go to a specific location by hand.  But, we made the obligatory 'big deal' and applauded their manhood and all...

Well, I need to get back to real life here, which really needs to include the sewing machine, the woodbox and woodstove, some kitchen time....all that other fun stuff that makes life so much fun around here. 

That and this is Christopher's new computer I'm on.  It was convenient...he had my internet card already on, he was wasting time on Facebook, it was just ready and needing a workout.  I have bunny-trailed, posted recipes here as well as a couple new links, changed my background here and on the school blog, and in a matter of seconds will post this update here....all pretty much at the same time :o)

Enjoy!!! And keep sharing cookie recipes and let me know what's baking in your kitchen!

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Rita said...

I'm sorry your husbands job is coming to an end if I read the post right. I'll tell you though I was just sick tonight as Obama gave 13 more months of unemployment to those unemployed. I know some people who have already been receiving it for 2 years. I am working myself to death at my job and my daughter at hers. We are totally exhausted each evening and those who get unemployment are getting as much as we are working. I want them to have what they need. But only what they need and looking for a job. I had to prove years ago that I was looking for a job on a weekly basis until I had one. What's up with all this free stuff that I get to work to pay for. I guess I'm just tired but darn it all what's fair is fair.


Jeremiah 6:16
Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.

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