Monday, December 27, 2010

December "Stuffs"

Let's see...we had a white Christmas.  WHITE I tell you! There was a good inch and half on the ground Christmas morning, and truly it stayed over half the day.  Ahh, the natives were probably freaking out and counting rolls of tp in their linen closets, but I was out walking.  Even before the children opened a single gift, I was outside just enjoying the absolute peace that comes with a snow-covered homestead.  The silence is just HUGE when it snows, have you ever noticed that? If not, you've missed a great gift.

Dewey and Christopher were home from Thursday on.  Dewey came in Wednesday night.  We had a great Christmas, with everyone together.  Too much chaos as usual, but that's just typical large family stuff there.  Among our gifts opened were some much-needed insulated bibs for work -- Dewey has to be up in Indianapolis on that next job by mid-January :( -- a new set of jumper cables, some ITunes gift cards for tech-son who only wanted that :o)  And momma got a Kindle :o)  I've been playing with it all morning, getting the stash of books I had between both computers loaded in, plus checking out other sites to download goodies (, librivox recordings, etc).  I need to get or make a new case.  Dewey bought one, a nice leather one with a light but out of the box it never worked.  We tried everything and it just didn't work.  I took it back Sunday afternoon.  THAT was an experience. arghhhh! What the heck ever happened to personal pride, knowledgeable staff at the store, COMPETENCY?  I hate Best Buy.  Truly, they are the worst big box store I have ever shopped at. Want crappy merchandise with the absolute worst in customer Best Buy. Want to waste not only money, but time and a serious dose of Best Buy.  They are idiots. The staff, the so-called customer service crew, even the managers who you would hope would be of a slightly higher intelligence, or at least, coherency level....they are all idiots.
ok. 'nuf said. If you work for Best Buy, I'm sorry....I am, based on experiences with 3 different stores now, going to lump all those dimwits into one idiot basket.  Can't help myself.  I'm tactless and blunt.

So, I'm looking at a new Kindle cover...or maybe I'll make one

Yes, you read right back there.  Dewey is scheduled to be sent to Indianapolis, for what is supposedly an 8 month job, by mid-January. That's about 8.5 hours away.  Not exactly an easy weekend home visit trip :(  I keep hoping they'll change their minds.  They have a job that is less than an hour from home here and they could put him there, if they wanted to.  Doubt they will, but maybe.  You never know.  If not, we're looking at kidding season and Miss Judy having her prep work and planting, new pasture areas fenced....just about everything that will be done here, solo.  I'm not looking forward to that again this year.  It's getting very tiresome.

Off to finish the school planning :o)

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small farm girl said...

I hate shopping at a store where no one knows what they are doing! I hope that your HD's job does change their mind. Hubby has to go to Ga for 8 weeks and I'm not looking forward to it. But at least he will be there in the winter. He will be back in time for garden time. lol


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