Monday, November 29, 2010

Virtual Cookie Exchange Kick-Off.....starting Tuesday!!! (And rules...)

I planned to start today. Really. But with the hoops we kept up with over the busy weekend, then getting up at 2:00am to get Christopher loaded and off to work at 2:30, and Dewey shortly after....I'm just not all-together and ready to go today. Plus we have some storms supposedly coming, and that means we have to gather outdoor chores, move a round bale and cover it, gather twigs for a batch of twig stars we're going to make (before they are soaked with rain)....

So, tomorrow...tomorrow we'll start the Cookie Exchange :)

There aren't really any "rules" persay....
•Share your favorite recipes for cookies, bars, brownies, fudge, snack or trail name it! Just leave a comment here, or on my Facebook page if you're can share the recipe itself in the comments and I will repost in an entry, otherwise drop a line with a link to your own blog page where you've shared a recipe (or several!) so we can all add new friends to our list :)
•If you come across any delicious recipes online at blogs or other websites, feel free to share them but be sure to link the direct page where the goodies are found and credit the owner.
•Share any tips you have/find for packing and mailing goodies, storing, freezing, etc. Anything to make the fun more, um, decorating ideas, maybe presentation ideas, etc.

For the most part, our recipes will probably be just plain and simple treats from plain country kitchens. That's not say we won't have some great sharings from folks with talent galore....I *love* Bakerella....and Bake @ 350....and all those other oh-so-creative folks!

Share away -- ya'll can begin sharing today if you like! And remember....I am not responsible for any weight gain that may result from the posts and travels thru the kitchens of those joining in the fun here :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Deanna,
Long time no talk. Glad to see that you are doing well. Bet the kiddos are getting big. Happy Thanksgiving a few days late. All is well here. Give me a call sometime, I miss hearing from you. I have a facebook page if ya wanna be friends. Tell Dewey that his friend is missing him.
Much Love,
Mary Foerster

Mrs. Patterson said...

I would love to be able to find you on facebook as that is so easy for me. :) How can I find you? Love this are so inspiring!! ;D --Sara


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