Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Virtual Cookie Exchange 2010: Joyofbaking.com


My first sharing...The Joy of Baking's Christmas Cookie Pages! If you can't find a great cookie here, you are taste-bud deficient and that's all there is to it!

My plan is to share recipes over a couple of weeks, from now through December 14th. Don't ask how I arrived at that date. It's very scientific. Really. It just is.

Now, if you want to share along day by day, great! If you choose to share just one recipe, also great :) There's no limit, high or low. We're just sharing recipes others might find some use for. No stress.

I'll collect comment and Facebook recipe shares and cross post between here, my kitchen blog (whoops....didn't even mention it *there* yet!!) and my Facebook page (which you can find the button for to the left in my sidebar) every few days. I'll also try to make sure I label the posts with VCE 2010 as well as by cookie type or name so it will be easier to search out later on if you need to.

So let the calories begin!!!


Greg and Donna said...

How do you want us to link? I am posting 2 recipes today...treats not cookies. But my families very favorite!

Paula said...

Here's the link to my first post.


This is a fun idea.


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