Monday, November 22, 2010

Thaw your turkey and Cookie Exchange Notes

We do...he's about 22#......and he has a 20+# friend along (the fresh whole ham we're smoking).

It's 3 days to T-Day folks....pull those birds from the freezer and get to thawin' :) You need to allow for one day per 4# of bird to be thawed and ready for the cooking method of choice :)

And for those who want to follow along or share in this year's Virtual Cookie Exchange, I will begin sharing next week...although you're all welcome to share whenever! Please leave a link in the comments here to your recipe, your blog, a recipe you've found online, etc on any post marked VCE :) I will pull all links and put them into posts to be sure we don't miss any. I will also be pulling links and recipes shared on my Facebook page as well. Everything shared here and there will be available here and there, and fully credited.
So if you follow me at Facebook and here, you'll probably be neck-deep in repeat cookie postings for a while :)

And I'll post all these 'rules' and notes in a kick-off post next week :)

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