Sunday, November 7, 2010

Maybe not the *first* fire of the season...

...but most definitely the sweetest and warmest when you feet hit the floor and it's barely holding 26 outside!

I don't want a "heat" stove *and* a "cook" stove.

I want ONE stove I can do it all with.

The heat stove does not 'radiate' heat :( You can set kettles and pots of water on it all day and all you'll get is dusty water.

The cook stove does not bank, or hold a fire at all. Doesn't even try to :( Now, like this morning, that baby will spark a quick fire with a couple pinecones, a couple shreds of dried bark, and a single match and we can feel warmth filtering the whole wood stove room. Add some good solid, but short, logs and it'll get you going for a short time and radiate plenty of heat...but very short-lived. It does whip the chill off the inside air in short order, though, so I give it credit there.

But you'll be tethered to the stove if you intend to do anything with it, feeding it continually all day for even a quick and basic meal :(

Sort of a wood waster. And certainly not a practical use of my daylight hours. We need a better stove. One that provides more of an air-tight system, a longer burn time with capacity for full logs and not just kindling sticks and small wanna-be logs, and a family this that can service a proper sized meal. I'm Houdini - trying to magically fit 2 loaves of bread into this oven. Two loaves. When was the last time TWO of anything serviced this family??

It gets the job done, don't get me wrong. I'm not totally complaining. I am still very much a novice cookstove mom here. I get better at fine-tuning the fired every meal, but this is a "beginner" stove I guess. It's practical as a pretty dining room ornament for those emergency uses when the power goes out. As a daily kitchen servant, not so much really. In an off-grid or total grid-down situation...well, I suppose my life would have far less time constraints then and being tethered to the cook stove would be the least of my concerns heh?

Oh Kitchen Queen...or Margin Flameview...where for art thou???

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