Sunday, October 3, 2010

This Week's Homeschool Freebies!!

Okay, here we go with another week of resources
coming your way. Make a note and be sure to get the
ones you want!

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But before we even get started,
we first have to ask...
Can Somebody PLEASE Fix This Horse?

This puzzle ran in the November, 1902 issue of
Popular Mechanics. Of their 17,000 subscribers,
only 3 readers were able to solve it.

Can you?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Monday, Oct 4:
All the Year Round: Autumn Nature Stories (PDF ebook)

Classic nature reader filled with engaging stories
and poetry about plants, animals and insects in the fall
season, preparing for wintertime. Lovely illustrations,
great for read-alouds & nature study!


Tuesday, Oct 5:
The "Tower of Hanoi" Math Puzzle

The Tower of Hanoi is an all-time classic math puzzle/game,
invented by the French mathematician, Edouard Lucas, in 1883.
Learn about its history and the math behind it, then
see if you can solve it!


Wednesday, Oct 6:
Why is the Declaration of Independence Important Today? (pdf ebook)

There's no doubt that our nation has lost its focus.
The greatest nation the world has ever known finds itself
in economic, social, and political turmoil today.
How did we get to this point? How do we get back on track?
We need to begin again to implement the common sense of the
Founding Fathers. And there's no better way to do that than
to study the most foundational of all American documents:
The Declaration of Independence. In this 27 page e-book,
Larry Pruett looks at the Declaration and gives five reasons
why the Declaration is indeed still important today.


Thursday, Oct 7:
String Figures for All Ages!

Can your kids have fun, improve their dexterity and learn about design
and geometry from just a simple loop of string? Check out this
great collection of tutorials and cool designs for making all sorts of great
string figures that have been collected from cultures around the world.
From simple "cat's cradles" to "Jacob's Ladders" and beyond, there are many
fascinating designs and projects here that will keep some kids busy for hours.


Friday, Oct 8:
You Are There: The Voyage of Christopher Columbus (mp3 audio)

Imagine what it might have been like had radio reporters
been tracking the hazardous voyage of Christopher Columbus
in 1492. Back by popular demand is this fascinating audio
program about this historic and dangerous journey, with lots
of interesting insights and details, as a reporter onboard
the Santa Maria interviews the Captain and crew, and gives
you a first-hand look at the voyage.


You'll find each of these resources on their respective days at:

NOTE: If you ever have any trouble accessing the site with that link, try works too!

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