Saturday, September 11, 2010


I would not mind having television so we could share in the remembrances of that day 9 years ago that struck the country to its knees.

I can still remember spending the day with the television up at our tiny little rural church while we all stood there, no one fully comprehending the depth of devastation that was occurring before our very eyes.

While it is deeply sad to watch and remember, I hope they replay the events of that day again so that people WILL remember. Too many have already lost that depth of emotion and the deepening reach of community and Faith those events created for months.

We need that reminder. We need to try to find that 'reason' again for our Troops being kept so far away from their homes and families. We need that reminder so we can reclaim a bit of that emotion that sparked so many to some form of action in their communities.

We have very little in this country to take pride in anymore; we are more a hateful nation than a United States of America. We need to see that footage, hear those cries across the television screens, and be reminded of what we were able to do, together, as a country in those many months where we stood tall and strong and united.

Don't turn away from the television today. Stand there and remember. It was one of the few things that truly changed the hearts of the so-hardened in the country 9 years ago. Be reminded. And as you start talking about "change" in this country with the new elections and all those career government folks start lining your screen with their empty words, remember those emotions you had for a country brought to its knees once, but who stood back up strong and united for a time. Then you can make that true change happen and stop feeling so helpless.


Rita said...

I thought 9-11 would change the hearts of our people? Did it? Yes, during a period of time. But now I don't see it. I see people everyday I reach out, I am an encourager, I shake hands and smile or make nice comments as children walk on to their classes. I teach first grade. I love what I do. Students that are 6 actually want to choose not to say the pledge in my room they will say the pledge. Parents send notes letting you know about their child and how you can improve. Even if their child hurt another child it was not their fault. I could go on and on. Time for people to take responsibility for their children. Public school can be chaos because no one is in charge except the parent who is at home playing video games while on assistance. Not all but many more each year. People can be made to take responsibility for themselves and their family but I've not seen a president really enforce this since I was a child. People should have to do something to get something. Free food, help to box it. Free clothing pick out what you need and then work a few days helping others get theirs. That is a hand up and not a hand out. I'm on a rant so I'll stop. Have a good day any way. :)

Treasures Evermore said...

GREAT post.

Bean said...

Good post. I too will never forget that day. I was driving to work on a beautiful sunny september day when the radio announcer said that a plane had flown into one of the twin towers. At that moment in time no one was aware that it was a terrorist attack, it was assumed to be a terrible accident. When I arrived at work, about 10 minutes later, people where standing around in the lobby crying, very upset, and then I learned the full extent of what had happened. Nothing got done at work that day, our support center recieved very few calls, and those that did call ended up talking about the attack, not their computer issues. Employees wandered around in a daze, driftin in and out of the conference room to watch the news, everyone was knocked off their feet by the news. It took several weeks for things to return to "normal" at work, and we are all located in Indiana.
Time may move on, but we will NEVER forget.


Jeremiah 6:16
Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.

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