Thursday, September 9, 2010

is it Thursday?

The 'holiday' really threw me off this week.  I'm lost.  Not that that is hard to do.  I don't get out much, and there's not usually anything pressing for any given day, so my brain doesn't exactly function like a calendar anymore.  Rural SAHM life.  No calendar necessary.

I'm on the actual computer, btw.  Not that that makes a difference.  Just thought I'd make small talk while downloading my Artistic Nature subscription from CurrClick.  We really enjoy that e-zine. Best order I've made at CurrClick I think.

We have some potential changes coming up here. I won't tell you about them yet...I want to wait until I know more.  I know...such a tease.  It will be an adventure.  We thrive on those around here.  Every day adventures.  I'm really hoping this one pans out.  All I will say right now is if it works, we'll get Dewey back home where he should be, instead of being on the road for work all the time.  I sure didn't get married to be a single mom, I'll tell you that!  Not that I can't manage well enough on my own, but sheesh, what was the point of being married then?  Nope.  I don't like my husband being GONE all the time and with some well-directed prayers, we can make that happen.

I will be doing the computer more. I love my Blackberry, don't get me wrong, but deleting emails and managing the mail account from the Blackberry is killing me when I actually do get online.  I had 13,000 emails in my inbox.  That is INSANE.  That is not simply now's a year of emails.  I never quite get around to deleting the mails from the inbox, so they pile up.  I delete them from the phone...big whoop-de-doo, apparently.  So, here I sit, hitting the check all button and then delete on my Yahoo Inbox.  I'm killing myself here.  Stupid. Stupid.  Note to self....DELETE YOUR EMAILS ONLINE ONCE IN A WHILE!!!

Dinner tonight is 15 Bean soup with sausage.  It smells absolutely delicious.  I also whipped up some homemade pudding...had to put some more milk to good use.  I'm about to work on some homemade cheese sticks as well, using the homemade Velveeta type cheese we've been making thanks to Chickens in the Road.  YUM.  Next on my list of need-to-make: Tortillas.  We're out.

I've got some potholders to make and get sent, and a winter bonnet to get ready to ship off as well.  And poor Paula waiting on a simple kapp....I need to get back to the sewing machine.  The fall/winter sewing needs list is still there, waiting.  For the most part, everything is already cut out, too.  How sad is that?  Just needs sewing attention to be finished and I'm putting it off with other odds and ends.

Am I the only one procrastinating?  Can't be just me.  C'mon...don't let me wallow alone here...


Greg and Donna said...

I pray your surprise pans out. Having a daily hubby instead of a drop in weekend hubby would be great for you and the kids.

And you don't need to wallow alone. I've got stuff piled up to get done also.

Treasures Evermore said...

No, you are not the only one procrastinating...happens to ALL of us as some time or other.


Mrs. Arrow said...

Okay Deanna, I'll fess up. I have the yarn and the pattern for my girls' scarves, just need to start crocheting...bought yarn last winter!
Heard on local news today, thought you'd get a kick out of this...
Some pencil pusher in upstate NY used Google Earth to see who in town had a pool in their backyard and if they had paid for the county's pool permit. If not, they were fined. Smile, big brother is watching you.

Dana said...

You are not the only procrastinator.

I have patterns and a bit of material to make pjs for my kids and haven't opened my sewing machine in ages.

I have 2 baby blankets in the works and neither is finished, one is close.

I also have a couple ~dare I say it?~ "" Christmas"" gifts partically put together but not finished.

I really need to get busy!!!

Stephanie said...

You are most definitely not the only procrastinator!! :) I bought a new belt for the sewing machine I got from Craigslist a few months back, and the belt still sits in the sewing box, now waiting for our move.

Schoolwork still isn't planned out at least 2 weeks in advance, we are just getting into it, and frankly my mojo has disappeared somewhere lol.

Have a blessed day and keeping you all in prayers.


Jeremiah 6:16
Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.

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