Sunday, September 19, 2010

Homeschool Freebies This Week...

Reminder: The Kindergarten curriculum special pre-sale ends Monday evening!
The revised OUR HOME KINDERGARTEN + 3 added activity resource downloads,
only $7.99 until Monday night. Check it out here:

Okay, here's the lineup for this week:

Monday, Sept 20:
The Nursery Lesson Book (PDF ebook)

A vintage guide for teaching young children, with 50 lessons
combining simple & progressive instruction in reading,
CURSIVE writing, arithmetic, drawing and singing.
Fully illustrated, with songs included.

(Tip: This would be an OUTSTANDING companion to the
OUR HOME KINDERGARTEN curriculum mentioned above!)


Tuesday, Sept 21:
Stepping Heavenward by Elizabeth Prentiss (MP3 Audiobook)

"How dreadfully old I am getting! Sixteen!" Thus begins the
lifelong diary of young Katherine as she pours out her hopes,
dreams, and spiritual journey on the pages of her dear, old
journal. Whimsical and charming Katherine is engagingly candid
about her character flaws and her desire to know God.
As you listen to her share her heart through these journal
entries, you will be amazed and delighted by the depth of
her character and the womanly wisdom and godliness
she develops over the years. Great, brand new unabridged
reading of this wonderful classic book.


Wednesday, Sept 22:
Step by Step FRENCH! (MP3 Audio & PDF ebook)

Check out this complete preview lesson from our newest language
resource collection, STEP BY STEP FRENCH! This is from one of the
most widely used and successful audio language learning courses
ever developed, for students who want to learn to speak "real life"
French in the shortest amount of time.
Half hour audio lesson & PDF lesson guide.


Thursday, Sept 23:
G. A. Henty's The Tiger of Mysore (mp3 audiobook)

A very well done, complete and unabridged audiobook reading
of this excellent Henty historical adventure.
During the Indian war with Tippoo Saib, 15 year old
Dick Holland and his mother set out from England
to find and rescue his father, shipwrecked 6 years earlier,
and believed to be held prisoner by the 'Tiger of Mysore'.
Great historical adventure!


Friday, Sept 24:

Still discussing this with the publisher, so we need to
wait on announcing this one until Friday. Stop by and see!


You'll find each of these resources on their respective days at:

NOTE: If you ever have any trouble accessing the site
with that link, try works too!


Innisfree in Alaska said...

thanks a bunch for posting these! Now if only we could find free school supplies. They are an arm and a leg here. :)

Stephanie said...

Oh I can't wait for Tuesday's! I know my daughter will love it:)


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