Wednesday, September 15, 2010

And so it begins....

Canning up the freezer meats!

Just a start...the smoked sausage. The ground beef is in the canner cooling because, well, I'm going to bed :)

My plan, after freezer goodies, I'l go thru the monthly menu plan from that mega shopping trip (yes, I'll come back and actually LINK these things up...) and we'll run another inventory to update where we stand. I'll use that as my guideline for our meat order.

Right now, today's prices are at $300/100# stewing chunks and $250/100# ground beef. The ring/smoked sausage runs between $2-2.50/1#. I get about 2# ground to a quart, and I kept to 1# smoked sausage per quart, but had I really packed I could have gone 1 1/2#.

After the freezer is canned up, we'll see where we stand and go over the menu again and then prep an order. I'd like to have the upright down to just my frozen milk for those few dry months, and the chest down to just my 6# bags of frozen broccoli, broccoli mix and green beans, the stray venison shoulders and quarters and steaks, the whole chickens and turkeys, and the chuck roasts, with maybe 20# ground for impromptu grilling :) Might even knock the upright down altogether and get it all in the's like 25 or 26 cu ft. Largest I could find to buy 3 years ago :)


Stephanie said...

Looks delish!! Looking forward to seeing how you match up with the menu. We eat almost the same things every week, but I never did a detailed breakdown like you...guess maybe I should lol

Treasures Evermore said...

Wow, you have been busy...what awesome provisions you have received from the Lord...truly His blessings poured upon you. God is SO good.

Dana said...

Love this post!!! And love posts like this one, please keep sharing how you do all of this and what you use it in ect. I've never canned ground beef or smoked sausage or any meat period.

Thanks so much!!


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