Friday, August 27, 2010

Wood Cook stove question

Firebox liner grates.

The stove we found is in *excellent* condition and very cheap. The only problem we found is they had a fire (ha pun intended) in the firebox of the cookstove and it was a hot one -- melted and warped the liner grates pretty much out of commission.

What can be used to replace these grates (they are side wall grates, liners...not the grate the kindling/wood set on)? Fire brick would be a bit too thick.

This is an excellent cookstove. It's an Agricola stove, with larger surface, larger oven box and a great heavy-duty warming oven. The porcelain is in like-new condition and shows only 2 spots where it's been nicked and touched up (along the edge of that fire box). It's well worth their asking price...if we can replace or fabricate the grates/liner.


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