Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wednesday already??

Where did the beginning of the week go? Goodness, Dewey being home 2 weekends in a row just totally messed with my sense of timing I guess. How sad is that? We shouldn't be 'getting used to' his being gone. That's just not right.

We have a 'groove' with Miss Judy now I believe. She wasn't at all pleased with the milking schedule, so we're at about 5:30 am and 6:00 pm. She's much happier. Even gave up a whole extra 2 quarts for us yesterday and today! Jennifer started the main electric power to the barn, and today Christopher came thru and disconnected the big power cable from here and finalized the hook-up for us.

Yes, my eldest daughter is quite the catch :) Not many 18 year olds are familiar with running electric power, a decent amount of carpentry skills (she did a huge portion of the front addition by herself -- I'm totally useless with construction!), can dig trench and run water lines, handle just about any emergency Vet-wise we have, from meds to birthing issues to real emergencies, handle a variety of livestock with relative ease, help with the monster hay bales, kill all my snake and varmit problems, she's a fairly good shot with the .22, the 410 and the beefed-up rifle (and knows how to clean them/take them apart too!)....she also runs me fencing and shoot honey, she can COOK too :) Now when it comes to sewing and bread-making....well, let's just say that we're hoping with her other skills we can get by! :::wink:::

Ok....I found my butter-making troubles I believe. I think I was totally over-working those last couple batches in the blender. We went k to the whisk and the KitchenAid and voila baby -- butter's in the house! Whew -- it was driving me nuts losing out on that cream by messing it up, but our loss was the chicken's gain :) And they were right proud to have it, too. So, in total now, from just our efforts, we have about 4 1/2 lbs of butter in the freezer all blocked out and wrapped. I'm soooo happy!!

Don't ask about Jamestown. We'll get there. I'm a list-maker, a schedule planner....I'm starting to lose my ground on execution though. But, we're settled into a routine now again, so it'll happen, it'll happen. Maybe this is my test of 'patience' heh? No...nevermind! Forget I even said that out loud! I am well aware of what happens when you start using the word PATIENCE......

Becky -- I sent you a Facebook note about the book, so in case you shut down before getting it, it is The Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Sewing. Well worth finding on Amazon used or such I think. Nancy Zieman (sp?) Has a really good book on sewing basics and fitting and such too (but I've no clue the name!). I can't wait to see how your sewing are works out for you!!

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Becky said...

Thanks so much, Deanna - I'll definitely be searching for that book. ˚Ü˚

Oh, I posted a pic of my sewing machine set up ... you can see it here:


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