Monday, August 16, 2010

Oh for crying out loud....


I'm telling you, folks around here have risen above "home grown" milk.

I'm dumping the old upright freezer and we'll start using it as an extra cold fridge. However, that still doesn't deal with the issue at much milk do I need to keep in the fridge and for how long?

Maybe I'll re-work my signs and offer 2 gallon a week 'cow shares' for $5 each.

Maybe I'll just stick a sign down on the road and put free milk...bring your own jug.

I'll be so glad when the rennet gets here....seriously, I *hate* waste, but hey, maybe some milk will get lost in the learning curve for cheese :)


Amy said...

WOW you really jumped into this milk thing head first! I cannot imagine. I hope your rennet comes in soon. I hope you get customers soon. I would buy some every week if we lived closer. I started milking my goat this year and that was enough of a start for me.

Greg and Donna said...

Man, I wished we lived closer. I would buy your milk! What about making some Kefir with it to use for bread & muffins? That could use up some.

Khourt said...

I understand not wanting it to go to waste. Anyway you could dehydrate some? Im not sure how dehydrating liquids work at home (I couldnt dehydrated them in my machine)..

Life of a plainlady said...

Ever thought of getting a hog or two? They could use it and you can use them for ham later on.


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