Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Gray Tuesday

Looks like we may get a few breaks in the gray drizzle of the past few days. There are some blue streaks among those gray drippy clouds this morning!

The Plans Today:
We have pumpkin bread baking. I have some butter pulled from the freezer to thaw. We'll be playing with the Velveeta recipe a bit today, trying to spice it up a bit with a kick of flavor. And, if it appears the weather really will pay out nicely, we have laundry to do. It wasn't as wet out there yesterday, things finally drying up a bit, so maybe...

I'd like to finish around the burn pile as it's growing it seems! We emptied more junk around here that wasn't suitable for much aside from fire fodder but with the rains it's been next to impossible to even smoulder slowly out there :(

We are hoping to put the grill to use this weekend. I think Dewey's off thru Monday for Labor Day, so I'll rifle thru the freezers and see what's handy for the smoker or grill. I don't have a taste for anything in particular, and all I got from Dewey for a suggestion was "food". Such a helpful, funny husband, isn't he? What's cooking this weekend around everyone else's place? Inspire me!

At the sewing maching:
We need yet to get the boys items (or my own, as usual) cut, but we have 2 dresses each sewn waiting buttons, mending done to still-decent clothes, and aprons cut and waiting. I'd like to get the nightgowns cut today, 2 each. The boys' needs take a short time really, and I picked up some pants for them already, so I'm not in such a rush for theirs. I'm going to mail Lois and get a new price list and perhaps I'll just parcel out their shirts as well.
And headcoverings! Paula is so patiently waiting for one. I haven't found the darker solids yet :( UGH! Which box did they get set aside in???

That's about it here. We totally messed up the Jamestown schedule here. If there is one thing I dislike about the layout of the Paths curriculum, it's that reading often ends in the middle of a chapter. That probably works for a lot of folks, but not here :( Drives me NUTS to quit mid chapter, unless they are long...and being leveled around 3-5 grades, these books are not.

So, we read the whole book. We still have plenty to go in Surviving Jamestown, but the other main read-aloud is gone. Finished. It isn't a really bad thing, as I planned for a lot more reading for us, with the appropriate time frame in the My America and Dear America series, The Story of The World can catch up to us now, This Country of Ours sections, etc. And all the lapbook goodies spanning off into science areas and nature study areas...

Still, we have to sort of fudge the original curriculum flow. You know how much tweaking a curriculum bugs me right?? :)


Anonymous said...

It's cloudy, grey, rainy and even a little stormy in our neck of the woods today too- I guess Autumn is here! Enjoying your blog!

Mrs. Arrow said...

I've got bannana nut bread in the oven. Going to make applesauce, apple pies, and apple muffins. Friend gave us...well apples, duh.
I miss those gray, summer, southern mornings. If you every come across a little children's books from the 60s, Under the Saskatoon Tree, pick it up! It's all about those mornings.
P.S. I hope this isn't too long, but family and I went to Jamestown 4 yrs. ago. Guide told us funny story. Seems for weeks attacking indians would sit in the tall grass of swamp just outside settlement and take shots at any settler who dared come out from behind the tall fence. Poor settlers couldn't fish, hunt, etc. Settler asked friendly indian what he would do if enemy tribe were doing this to him. Indian replied, "Cut the grass."

Treasures Evermore said...

Cloudy and gray as we here...quiet day as well.


Stephanie said...

Hotter than blazes here, not going to cool off until Earl passes by us sometime Friday or Saturday. We are not starting school work yet, as we are in the midst of a forced move. Landlord lost the building to the bank. No new place yet, so prayers appreciated.


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