Saturday, August 28, 2010

For all who visit here...

Ok, I guess I need this explained to me in kindergarten language....I don't understand what exactly it is I've done this time. Enlighten me.

Here is a comment just received:
:::While milk ( whole not powereded) as many have tried to politely point out to you for so long is healthier.... While we are so glad you are blessed with a cow, and the Lord is good. While we are glad you are no longer doing the powered milk, etc please stop bragging of the milk in front of many who don't have that right now. Be thou humble , and blessed. Shared in love, A sister in Christ:::

First off, I should apologize maybe ?? for trying to find recipes and ways to use up the milk we have?
Maybe I should apologize for my husband, who got an idea one day to check some farm market type sites, and who happened upon a cow for sale, and who put thought and prayer into the purchase and subsequently bought said cow?
I shouldn't, I suppose share the recipes we have found and others have directed us to, for ways to use our fresh milk...or your store-bought milk as extend our food budget and do more from scratch?

This blog shares a lot of things. we try to make things useful, but it's also a chronicle of our days, our sharing with family and friends, etc. It is US and how we live day to day.

Now, we have been blessed with a cow, and with that comes milk. I still, by the way, have a stock of powdered milk and during our dry time we will put it to use, along with the fresh I am putting up in the freezer. The fresh milk does not compare to store-bought milk, and that is still a purchase I will not make. Yes, I am well aware of the blessing we have in fresh, healthy whole milk. I never said I wasn't.

In addition to this latest blessing, this blog also shares about our journey and blessings in being debt free....if I create animosity or jealousy ?? over sharing that, shall I apologize for that as well because some who visit here are not debt-free? We have bills, and we have plenty we could do without that would be considered excess to others, but we are blessed nonetheless for limiting what we have to the point we are now, and I blog about that.

I share about homeschooling, and certainly not everyone who visits chooses to follow a homeschooling life. Still, it is what we do and I share about it.

I'm not sure I understand the comment shared. I have shared about having the cow, and about having far more milk than we knew what to do with. I have given countless gallons away to neighbors, and even paid for our feed by selling a few gallons. I am searching out ways we can put the abundance to use here, such as butter, yogurt, and the cheeses we are learning to make. I feel totally blessed, and I feel it is perfectly alright to share what we are learning and doing here, with the milk as well as everything else we do. I do not feel I have been 'bragging' at all, and don't feel that the comment was shared 'in love' at all. It was a comment out of jealousy as far as I can see, and to that I feel I owe no apology.

Folks blog for various reasons. Should a blog entry offend someone, hurt someone's feelings, even bring encouragement, it is not the fault or purpose of those doing the blogging, but is left for the emotions of the visitor. I will apologize for the impression you took away that I was bragging, but if there's more than that, you'll simply have to spell it out in short words for me because I'm lost.


Treasures Evermore said...

So sad that this person felt the need to comment in such a way...jealousy is an ugly thing and a sin. So easy to become jealous when reading others blogs.

I have heard so many times lately of women who are jealous of others for whom they read about on blogs. Sat*n likes to stir dissention and jealousy in women...even using something as simple as a blog and MILK...Just pray for this person as it is very clear what she/he needs prayer about.

Love them no matter what...and pray.

Rita said...

This is a blog for heaven's sake. Where we share our opinions and ideas. If she does not like yours she can go elsewhere. What is this gals name anyway. Sounds like she wants to pick a fight and unfortunately this time it is with you.

Greg and Donna said...

Your life, your words, your family, your animals, your blog...'nuff said. Good grief, there are folks that try to pick a fight about everything. I am very glad you have the blessing of a cow on your homestead. She sounds like a great addition, just wish I lived closer to buy some milk!

Khourt said...

Maybe they took it as you were bragging? *shrug* I didnt get that vibe at all. I was actually intrigued by the milk posts.

Dont let them get you down :)

Mrs. Trixi said...

If such person took it as bragging, pity them.

I am loving reading about all of your cow news. In fact I have wanted a cow for so long but, after reading of your delimma of milk in abundance, am now looking at a Dexter instead of a Jersey. See you and all of your cow news is very much needed. :)

Keep up the good work!!!

Out Back said...

You do not have to apologise for anything. This is your blog and you are entitled to write what you like.

I have found NOTHING offensive written here on your blog. I think is is they that have a problem, not you. Just ignore it, they dont have to read what you write do they, they are just being mean...and yes it does sound a lot like jealousy.

Keep up the good work, I always enjoy my visits here and I am sure many others do too!

Take care,


Beth West said...

Sometimes people are just being oversensitive or take things the wrong way. You can't help that and I wouldn't let it bother you.

Sharon said...

I for one love to read about your abundance of milk. I wonder how long it is going to last & am so thankful that you are giving us all these great ideas & recipes. Wish I lived closer even though I live in Texas (East Tx) it is too far to drive for milk. I dont understand why people think they have to comment when they dont like something. Its like TV if you dont like it change the channel. Thanks again for all your posts. Who knows one day I may get that fresh mikl & make my own Velveeta.

Dana said...

I have no cow
I have no farm
I have nothing going on around here that could closely resemble what you have going on around there.
I love this blog and I love coming here to read and learn about all kind of new things.
One day I would like to be there, more debt free and more simplistic self sustainging life style. Don't know if I will ever get there but hey its a hope or dream if you will.

Yes, there have been alot of milk posts, but I just chaulked it up to that is what is going on in your life right now, that is what is consuming most of your time,energy and thoughts, so that is what your blogging about.

Did I get upset because that MILK is the topic of your posts for a while, did I get jealous because your overflowing with the white stuff and I am scraping by paying 3.09 a gallon for it here. NO I didn't.

I wish we were more debt free and could do more, hopefully one day we will get there, for now I will keep doing what we are doing and clip my coupons, buy in bulk, and scratch cook to save as much as we can.

Maybe the person who left that email was just having a bad day, and things aren't working out for them like they have worked out for you and they were just frustrated and vented towards you. All of us have those days where things just aren't what we want them to be and its hard to hear sometimes how great things are for someone else.

Continue to write your blog, share what you learn and post just because, even if the person who posted that wasn't venting and it was just a jab kind of post the fact is that there are a million blogs out there on every topic and if they don't like reading here they are free to read somewhere else.

Hope you have a great day!!

Rocky Mountain Homemaker said...

I can remember reading an interesting article once about two different types of people. Some are "self oriented". They filter everything in life through their own wants and needs. Conversely, people who are "other oriented" have the ability to appreciate the blessings and abilities of others. When we come to a relationship with the Lord, we should become an other oriented type of person. Sadly, it doesn't always happen and some believers can continue to live fleshly, self-centered lives.
I've known families who have had a steady supply of fresh milk and I understand that while the milk is a blessing, there is a lot of it! You want to be a wise steward of what the Lord has provided.
I can remember reading about a lady who actually canned milk with a pressure canner. Might be a way to get through the powdered milk days.
Have a blessed Sunday, dear.............. Denise

Freedom Acres Farm said...

Please don't apologize! We have a cow and we are trying to become debt free too - we have lots in common. I love your blog and love knowing there are others out there with the same values as us! Keep up the good work but you have nothing to apologize for! Your blog is wonderful!

Hollow Bone Dream said...

I've just started reading your blog a couple of weeks ago.. and nothing comes through as bragging ..
I agree w/ Rocky Mountain Homemaker 100%

Maybe just pray for this person
that's all you can do.. just leave it to G-D .. He is the only one that can lighten her heart and clear her eyes..

Keep on keeping on as the old saying goes.. you have nothing to be sorry for ..

Denise in TN

Mrs. Arrow said...


Nothing shocks me anymore... said...

You are much kinder then I could imagine Mrs. D Smith....This *anon* person feels the need to bash you b/c you write interesting and (IMO)funny posts about trying to utilize excess amounts of milk. The problem lies with the author of that post. Truth be told we humans don't need to drink huge quanitities of milk to be in good health. So there is no need to pass judgement on how people get their calcium and Vit D.. powdered milk, dark leafy greens, skim milk only.. WHO CARES? You bought a cow, now you are stuck with the responsibilities that come with owning such an animal; feeding, sheltering, milking etc. Now you have lots of milk and this is an item that can only be used in so many way.. I find your posts on how to use all this milk quite interesting. This is a new challenge in your life.. You are asking for ideas at time, education at others. The poster of that comment comes across extremely jealous of your predicament. If that person is in such financial binds that they NEED milk and feel they should criticize you for talking about your bounty.. then maybe they could cancel their internet so they are not using money to read your blog? Then they would not be using time being jealous...

Kids and Canning Jars said...

No sorrys on this one. Although I would feel bad is someone attacked me verably and quotted scripture in such a way to me. It was not Christlike for anonymous to say one thing while doing the oppisite. We all have free agency and anonynmous chose to read your blog. Anonymous chose to take offense. You are not responsiblile for that. Let it go and enjoy the cow,its milk and all your blessings from it.


Life of a plainlady said...

Got Milk?

Better to have milk than jealousy.

Envy makes people do and say such childish things.

dee said...

I can't even grow edible food on my front porch, according to HOA rules, much less have a cow or even hang out the dozen loads of laundry I do a week! I don't even have a yard I can call mine~ it belongs to me & about 500 other people. But I do know that God tells me to rejoice with those who rejoice & not to covet what others have. I enjoy reading about the way others live & the ways God blesses them. Please keep sharing!

Pam's Pride said...

I love your blog! I love the MILK talk too! I want a cow and I wish you were my neighbor! Your blog gives a realistic view about the amount of milk you get with a cow! I will have to say that I am jealous (I am not even sure if 'jealous' is the right word to use, more like it stirs up desires in me to get a cow). It makes me want to do more to provide for my family, I wish I had a milk cow. I have milk goats right now and think the grass would be greener on the other side with a milk cow as I am only getting a PINT of milk a day. You are on the flip side providing (again) a realistic account of what having a milk cow would be like. A friend at church told me her cow gave SEVEN GALLONS of milk a day!! (That was years ago.) I think I would be overwhelmed in two days!! But, I still have my heart set on eventually getting a milk cow.
She told me this when we were taking a farm tour of a farm near our church with the M-Pact girls and I asked the farm owner how much their cows were giving a day and the farmer told me they had one cow that gave 160 pounds, that is(20) TWENTY GALLONS A DAY!!! That was a Holstein though. Be still my heart! I would get overwhelmed at just the morning milking!! LOL!
Please keep blogging about it! Please keep providing a resource for those of us that are looking for this information can find it!

Jackie said...

Oh you know me, my dear, I am *simple* in all senses of the word, and I'm trying to figure how you could possibly have convinced this interested party (?!) that you were moving away from powdered milk (though why it was any of her business?) and onto good fresh whole milk *without mentioning the milk supply*?
And by the way I should say make cheese, that uses a lot of milk, you can make the quick kind, it doesn't keep but it doesn't keep anyway around kids if you know what I mean.
Bless you, don't mind these silly people.


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